Jul 26

Watch: Bizarre Bipedal Creature Captured in Azerbaijan?

Editors note> This video has been sent to me several times today and I was not going to post this because I did not want to give it any attention but here are my thoughts. I think this is nothing more than a monkey that was shaved and put into a hairy costume. I think the owners of this video need to be charged with animal abuse and put in jail.


Here is coast to coasts thoughts on it:

Watch: Bizarre Bipedal Creature Captured in Azerbaijan?
A strange video circulating online purportedly shows some kind of hairy creature allegedly captured in the former Soviet republic of Azerbaijan.

In the somewhat unsettling footage, the anomalous animal first appears seemingly immobile with its hairless face standing out amidst a mass of fur with its eyes darting around the room in a rather unnerving fashion.

The creature’s hand, which appears to possess black fingernails, can also be seen at times resting atop the fur.

Later in the video, the eerie animal appears walking around a room on two feet with relative ease, suggesting that it is some kind of bipedal creature.

According to an analysis of the footage by Russian cryptozoologist Igor Burtsev, who brought the video to the attention of website Cryptomundo, the language spoken by the people in the footage indicates that the scene took place in Azerbaijan sometime around late last year.

Unfortunately, Burtev gives no indication of what the people in the video are saying, which would go a long way towards deciphering the legitimacy of the footage.

As one can imagine, it is being speculated by some cryptozoology enthusiasts that the creature in the footage is a young Almasty, which is essentially the Bigfoot of that region of the world.

Skeptical viewers, however, suggest that the animal is simply an unfortunate monkey that has been outfitted to look like something more exotic.

Either way, we’re guessing that the people behind the video may have regretted their role in the incident as they were either stuck with a baby Almasty running wild in their apartment or what was likely a very ornery monkey once they removed its costume.

Nonetheless, check out the puzzling footage and let us know what you think at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.


Source: http://www.coasttocoastam.com/article/watch-bizarre-bipedal-creature-captured-in-azerbaijan/

26 Responses to “Watch: Bizarre Bipedal Creature Captured in Azerbaijan?”

  1. Mark C

    I didn’t even finish watching the video. That poor animal is distressed on what those people did to it. Disgusting and shameful on what they did…

  2. Avis B

    Well, we all know .. that is not a baby bigfoot.. those people would not have been able to leave . they would have died trying to take the baby..

  3. Knobby

    The feet are turned outward like a monkey’s feet when it walks, that is not how a hominin would walk, and certainly not even close to a sasquatch in line gait. We don’t see any arms when its walking because they are probably bound up under that odd mass of hair causing it to walk bipedally as he pulls on the string. Socks would be necessary to hide the monkey looking feet.

  4. Jannette A

    Very interesting, In my opinion Wes this could be real. You don’t have to understand the language to tell they seem to care about this animal. Thanks for passing this information to me Wes. No matter how upsetting to some this might be, remember knowledge is power!

  5. Jannette A

    Glen I agree but we can’t hide our heads in the sand either. Someone wanted to release this to the public maybe the people who took care of this creature? I do agree it should be set free to live with its own kind. I n any case it has opened the discussion on this video. I care about animals that is why I choose to be a vegetarian and I live in N.J. also.

    • Glen K

      (New Jersey) Jannette, nice to have a fellow New Jersian on board! However, I still Strongly agree with your interpretation of this video- which I find very hard to watch. From my perspective, it is little more than a Crude, and Cruel hoax. I think Knobby got it right. It’s Clearly a little monkey with its arms bound, being led around on a leash. Oh yes, with blue sox to hide its feet. If I thought there was a chance that it was legit, I could see your point. No way is it any more than animal cruelty. Its hair isn’t growing from it, it is wrapped around it! If this “great discovery” was real, it would be thoroughly examined at a scientific University, not led around in someone’s apt on a leash. I try Very hard not to mention politics or religion here. However, keep in mind that in some countries female genital mutilation is still practiced! And a man can be excused from a horrible rape merely by marrying his victim! Even if she’s 12 years old girl!! Charming. If that’s how they treat humans, mistreating an animal does not even register!

      • angela c

        I don’t mean any disrespect but, can you identify the species of monkey. Pay attention to the nose and mouth.. I couldn’t find it and don’t see any signs of surgery but, I could be wrong..

  6. Mark C

    That’s not a baby Sasquatch!! That’s animal abuse. Hey if it’s a Sasquatch of any kind, Game On!! Totally abusive, let’s not kid ourselves!!

  7. angela c

    Just looked at alot of monkey faces and couldn’t find one that had that nose and mouth so, I don’t know what the heck that thing is.
    It’s definitely weird. If it’s what it’s supposed to be then good luck raising it…Ha…

  8. Mike W

    Well, it didn’t take long for it to be censored. We can pretty much at this point assume with a reasonable degree of accuracy that it was real. Unfortunately I, and anyone else trying to see what you saw, are screwed.

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