Jul 26

History of the Giants Part Two

Duke writes “The third and final installment of this trilogy of Giants shows picks up exactly where pt 2 left off, and what Wes got rolling and I kept going, Dave the Deliverer now completes. As is the case for the other 2 shows, this is a documentary more than a podcast, with MANY images to illustrate what is being discussed.”

6 Responses to “History of the Giants Part Two”

  1. Bal G

    Yeah, I agree with you Mark B. Duke tries to keep his guest on point, but he can’t help himself. The guest starts rambling about off the wall stuff and veering way off trail. Still pretty entertaining. Nice job Duke. Thanks for posting this Wes.

  2. Jeffrey H

    I really enjoy Duke’s ? channel. I like learning from the Duke and his guests. This weeks guest was no exception. It was very enjoyable hearing his point of view. Of all people that need to be open to what others have to say is the Bigfoot investigators/researchers and those of us that just want to learn as much as we can about the Bigfoot people and their crypto cousins, the DogMan. We need to be more openminded and less critical. It was not long ago, in some cases it continues, were others criticize us for believing in these creatures. We don’t have to lie anymore and say we don’t believe in those creatures, hopefully(lol)!

    Anonymous(I don’t anyone knowing I believe in all this stuff)

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