Sep 8

Quadcopter View Of An Ancient Circular Well System In Nazca Peru

Brien Foerster takes you on a quadcopter view of an ancient circular well system in Nazca Peru. To this day these wells produce water. It is still a mystery how the ancient people knew the water was there.

2 Responses to “Quadcopter View Of An Ancient Circular Well System In Nazca Peru”

  1. Evelyn L

    I would love to go on one of Brian’s tours of megalithic sites. I love watching his YouTube videos. There is some really strange stuff out there that our “scientists” refuse to give rational explanations for.

  2. theresa m

    We have technologies now that allow us to see through the earth coverings. One thought is that could there have been an ancient alien race that could have helped the ancient people of the earth to not only survive but thrive? These ancient people revered these visitors and thought they were Gods. Or … the people of that time were smart and had skills. Their whole existence would have been dedicated to getting water, growing crops, tending to their animals for food and preparing their supplies to make it through their winter season.

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