Sep 8

Pit Bull Saves Owner From Being Mauled By a Bear

A&E writes “Pit bull saves his owner from being attacked by a bear. “An Animal Saved My Life” showcases amazing acts of heroism from different kinds of animal heroes. Featuring stories ripped from the headlines, viral videos, surveillance footage and interviews with people who have been saved by animal heroes, the series highlights scares and saves that range from heartwarming to adrenaline pumping. Pet owners overwhelmingly think of their cats and dogs as family members who provide emotional support and love, but sometimes animals risk it all to save a human life.”

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  1. Jeremiah S

    You know what’s interesting is they say don’t get between a Mama Bear and her Cubs….but I guess that goes for the Bear too. That Mama went Hacksaw Jim Duggan on that bears noggin.

  2. Jeremiah S

    That’s for that post Wes. I saw a commercial for that series about a month before it was to be premiered. I said Yep I got to see that cuz that has to be GOOD and the forgot all about it.

    That Tattoo on her arm is AWESOME!

  3. Stephen W

    Sometimes you need a brave pit bull dog to save the day! boy boy boy what a geeat story then mom was exstremely brave too! It could have gone either way.Am glad you’re alive to tell us this story.Thank you!

  4. Evelyn L

    Our dog hates bears, too, but she is only 9 pounds and probably would not do good in a fight. The bears come right up to our bedroom window to raid our bird feeders. Our dog goes nuts when she smells a bear out there. We have to hold her back. 😂 The bears just ignore her. They have an addiction to bird seed.

  5. Daren c

    I had a Giant Schnauzer I competed in Protection Dog sports. He was great but not at the sport part lol. We had an opportunity to lend a hand to an Officer who was struggling with a huge suspect, I asked the officer if he wanted some help , he said Yes , bummer part is I only got to ” this is your 3rd and final warning I will release the dog !” If you’ve ever been around Police/Protection trained dogs, when they hear that phrase, they got bonkers bc they know they get to bite and some dogs are extremely imposing. Anyway dude stopped Fighting the officer and that was that , no hospital run for the bad guy., just jail.

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