Jun 8

Did A Werewolf Appear At The Bedroom Window In Mexico?

Paul from Truth Proof writes “Does a dark sinister beast roam the borderlands of Mexico and the USA? Something that should only exists in nightmares stepped in from the shadows and became reality one night for two brothers who witnessed the horror. When the fingers and claws of a half man half wolf gripped the window of their bedroom and peered inside.”


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3 Responses to “Did A Werewolf Appear At The Bedroom Window In Mexico?”

  1. HD H

    Whew! That’s a heckuva story. Very well written, good details about the family’s reaction at the end. It is indeed horribly humiliating

  2. HD H

    — humiliating to not be believed by family.
    I have a tiger’s claw that’s about an inch long. I can not imagine 2-3 inch claws. Insane!

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