Apr 11

Police Officer Filed Detailed Bigfoot Report in Kentucky

Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization writes “Glenn, a police officer, submitted a Bigfoot report via our kentuckybigfoot.com website on behalf of his friends. The sighting took place on a very dark, rainy, foggy evening in the Red River Gorge near Slade, KY.

It was Spring 2011, around 9:00PM, when his friends decided to pack up their tent and leave due to the poor weather conditions. As the couple drove out of the Gorge, they observed a long-haired, brown, 7-8 foot tall Bigfoot with massive shoulders, take “only two to three very long strides to cross the road” in front of their vehicle. It was in the headlights, so it really frightened the couple! Glenn recalled that for many years the couples’ story always remained consistent and the fear in their behaviors never diminished.”


Link to the video

4 Responses to “Police Officer Filed Detailed Bigfoot Report in Kentucky”

  1. Matthew W

    A few things you should know before you watch this. First, it’s not in English and there are no subtitles. Second, there are lots of flies around the the lady who is speaking. Last, and worst of all, the small dog or cat on the lady’s lap is not breathing. Other than that, it’s truly delightful.

    • Charles R

      I assume she is in an outdoor cove type area at the hotel that Lyndsey are her husband Charle Raymond own in Clay City, KY. I live north about 150 miles and this time of year, these little flies start coming out. These nuisance things gather around my garage aslo. I always grow and pot basil which I put at my garage and backyard patio doors, which does a pretty good job of keeping them away. The flies to not like the smell.

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