Apr 11

Straight Incident While Hunting

A listener writes “So around 2003 a hunting friend and myself had a very strange thing happen to us. I live in Mercer county Ohio, it’s in West central Ohio, flat land, small box woods, and miles of corn fields. I live in a small town where we have one of the largest man dug lakes in the world its 5 miles wide and 10 miles long.

It was dug by hand by German immigrants for a water supply for the cannel systems in Ohio. I’m telling you this because I think these things could travel the old cannels from time to time, the BFRO has a one report from back in the 70’s close to the cannels.

One night while out running our coondogs we had a very weird night.

We had very nice hounds, that did their job, no nonsense dogs.

We cut 2 dogs into a section we often hunted, it didn’t take long for my dog to open up on a track, and the my buddies dog opened up.

Shortly after the dogs went quiet, followed by high pitched squeaks from both dogs and then not another peep out of either dog.

We had tracking collars on the dogs but we couldn’t get a signal from them , these collars can be tracked for 5 miles or so… But we had nothing.

We looked at each other discussing why the dogs were acting strange, coyotes, running a deer, we didn’t know. But our dogs almost never ran off game.

It was early September so the corn was 7 or 8 feet tall and still green and we was standing in it, All of a sudden I had an overwhelming feeling of fear sweep over me, we heard something running around us in a circle, it sounded like more than one thing and it was big, it stopped moving and i could hear heavy breathing and they started moving again… Not going to lie I was scared very scared…. I moved closer to my friend and asked him if could hear that and what is it…
He just said be quiet listen .. we heard some more movement and then nothing.

We continued to try to track the dogs but nothing…All of sudden I heard something splatter I looked at John and he said what the….His shoulder was covered in a thick clear slime that smelled awful…It freaked John out.

We headed back to the truck, keep in mind these dogs are worth literally thousands of dollars so heading back without them wasn’t an easy choice.

We got back to the truck and found both dogs hiding behind the back tire of the truck, we had to drag them out from under the truck, not normal, these big walker hounds could have easily killed any animal we have here.

We loaded the dogs into the dog box got into the truck and the smell from johns jacket was the nastiest thing I have ever smelled, John actually had to put it bed of the truck…

Was it cryptic related?”

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  1. Charles R

    I am quite familiar with Mercer County, OH, listener. I live in the county south of you that being Darke County. Of course you are talking of Grand Lake St. Marys area. Perhaps it was a Bigfoot that hacked up from its throat the slime you detail and threw it at you. Although this would be the first time I have heard of such behavior, or maybe it was something even more sinister. I do know that Bigfoots sometimes roam around these far western counties. I have had my own experiences, and know of a dozen or more other cases. Very very strange. As a side note, I am a fan of the Mercer County in Marie Stein craft beer brewery – Mollers Brew Barn.

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