Feb 23

Photo: Possible Gugwe

Duke sent me these photos and he writes “Possible Gugwe/Bearman, I have other ones I will track down before tomorrow






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  1. Tedd

    Great photo & really gives the impression as above boards. I don’t know why for sure, maybe the body shape and the amount that can be seen. Anyway, I really appreciate your desire to share with and inform the interested or open minded people of what could be around the bend. Thanks Duke and Wes!

    • Melanie W

      Agreed, Russel, it would be great to see a photo from the same location sans the ape looking black shape…. And something for scale. I know the shape is compelling, but it isn’t definitive, IMO. What is the story behind the photo, Duke?

  2. Russell S

    I don’t know. The more I look at this, it looks like the foliage in front of the subject is blocking part of it, and giving the image of a muzzle. Look at the top of the subject it’s flat, and it has what looks like some wood sticking off of the top. Cutting down trees, and using downfalls to collect firewood, this does look like a tree that fell over, and someone cut the tree, leaving a stump. Followup pictures of the spot would either prove it one way or the other.

      • Russell S

        Hey Janetta!
        The problem is that the snout doesn’t really look like a snout. This looks like a case of pareidolia, seeing something that the mind interprets as a known quantity, such as a cloud looking like a turtle, or a face. It may not be, but seeing things like this in the woods on many occasions, it’s enough to make me question, unless more information is given. What you call a snout, I see as a dark shape that has foliage in front of it, shaped in such a way that it gives a snout like appearance.

        Experience of over 50 years in the woods, including seeing things like this during hunting season and checking it with binoculars only to find it was the stump of a downed tree, or something like that. This is what this first appeared to me as. I could be wrong, but whoever took this picture would have did himself and us a favor by going back to the same spot and getting a picture and measurements after the creature, if it is one, has left.

        Again, don’t get me wrong, I believe the Gugwi is a true creature, I’m just not sold on this being one.

          • Russell S

            Actually, to me it looks like a branch with leaves. Why would there be eye shine in the daylight? Again I state unequivically that I believe in dogmen type creatures. It’s just that experience has shown me to look for alternate explanations. If they can be ruled out, then you may have something there. If not, then it can be a misinterpretation of what one sees.

            Again, I ask who took the picture? Where was it taken? is there any pictures of this exact spot from the place this picture was taken that shows it without the subject present. If not, why not?

            I am more than willing to accept this as a Gugwi if we can get some more information on the picture! What I’m asking for is a reasonable request, is it not?

  3. Campion G

    It looks like a chimp more then something with a muzzle . Atleast that’s what I see in the profile. Duke , your episodes have been nothing short of captivating and can’t wait for tomorrow’s Windigo stories .

  4. Seamus J. C

    Couldn’t that be a stump or something? I don’t see enough detail or even quantity (of body, if it’s the body of some creature) to say one way or the other.

    So now we have the following cryptid role call on SC:
    Bigfoot (3 or more types)
    Mountain Giants
    Gugwe/Bear Man
    Reptilian demons disguised as aliens

    …I’m fine believing in just stumps, and BF. Those are almost too much…OK, I do believe in spooks. But that’s where I draw the line!

  5. Vince B

    I really like this Duke guy. The evidence he brings and the stories he has. Probably one of my favorite researchers for sure.

    This picture to me looks like the profile of a normal sasquatch. What some people are seeing as a muzzle, I’m just seeing as the chin of the sasquatch and you can kind of see his mouth above the chin. I could be wrong though, but it looks to me like a normal sasquatch, just from the side.

    • Duke S

      Bigfoot, both type 1 and 2 varieties, as well as the wendigo, have a flat face….no muzzle/snout. Dogman has a longer Jaw structure and tall ears like a wolf/German Sheppard.

      • Vince B

        This is the type of “muzzle” I am seeing.
        Less of a muzzle and more like the protrusion of certain monkeys away from the face. Obviously not the same thing as a chimp, but the point is the “muzzle part” looks more like something similar to this.

        I am not familiar with what a Gugwe/Bearman is supposed to look like. Couldn’t find it doing a google search, so maybe it does look like what you are talking about but I have nothing to reference. Most certainly does not look like a dogman though.

  6. Janetta V

    The first thing I thought of was “Is that a dogman”, sure looks like it could be. Wes, you are all of the good things people say you are. You care about the ones that care about you, and there’s alot of us. I do hope you are well by now and take the Vitamin C. A good quality not from Walmart. Thanks also to Duke.

  7. michael n

    Does anyone else see a little grey face staring back at you? Like it is carrying a young one? I thought maybe it was foliage in front of the creature but I don’t know. It looks like it has eyebrows and two ears on top of its head. The big brown or black one looks spooky!! Wow! I think Dogmen are reported to have longer snouts. I’ve heard German Shepard and wolf and coyote when describing a dogman muzzle. That mouth looks more like an ape mouth. It actually looks a lot like the Matilda pic.

  8. Jonah N

    My sons says it looks like a gorilla. Ha! Even my kid can tell that’s no bear. But I can understand why it is call a bear man , probably for the same reason why people call the werewolf a dogman. Isn’t weird that no photo can be confirmed where it was taken or that there is never a photo of the person associated with the photo taken? As of now it simply looks like something that looks like a Gorilla in what seems to look like on American soil, because of the trees, tree trunk, bushes and dirt. Who knows, we see what we want to see, but to me it’s still Ambigious.

  9. Ed P

    From a distance it looks like a stump with moss on it….the question is, did it move….up close my eye sees a face/head…but, to me the big question is did it move….

  10. Johnny U

    Looks like a gorilla. Its frustrating cuz there are so many accounts of people having their homes surrounded by these creatures, slapping the walls yet no one has the wherewithal to install cameras….and when they do the get a Photo,its either blury or of a supposed arm. Most times it mis identification. Come on people. We have too much technology for us to not have quality images. Patterson-Gimlin film from the 60’s is it? That was over 50 years ago. Hogwash!

  11. Duke S

    I have 2 more photos that Wes will post of reputed Gugwe, one is the Beast of Seven Cataracts, photographed in Canada. This one is also reportedly from Canada, and the third one I have no information on. I cannot categorically state that any of these photos is genuine, but they do pass the sniff test and certainly appear to be what they are supposed to be. I would not claim that any photo that is sent to me is the real deal. If I took the photo or was there to see it taken, I would say it is likely real, but I cannot say for sure on any of these since I don’t have background information on them,,,,,,,all I can say is they sure match the physical description of these critters!

  12. Stan B

    I really can’t get my head around different types of sasquatch, all this type 1,2,3,4. Lets prove 100% that they actually exist. I believe they do but they have yet to be verified.

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