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Peter Mayhew Confirms He Required Bigfoot Protection as Chewbacca


“Yes, this is absolutely true.” –Peter Mayhew responding on Reddit to rumors of requiring protection from Bigfoot hunters while in Chewbacca costume. Peter mayhew (Chewbacca) was required to be accompanied by crewmembers who wore brightly-colored vests while in the forests of the Pacific Northwest filming scenes set on Endor, so as not to be mistaken for Bigfoot and shot.

This is interesting, and definitely viral-worthy, but as a Start Wars nerd I’m pretty sure all the scenes of Endor were shot in Northern California (in the redwood Groves of Marin County and Del Norte County to be exact.

Because of the discrepancy of location I have to admit I was a little leery of the this factoid. Digging deeper I did find a supporting story written by Sean Whitley on Cryptomundo. The following excerpt is from 2011 and retells a story of how the filmakers were concerned for Peter Mayhew’s safety in Bigfoot’s backyard.

While shooting “Return of the Jedi” in the redwood forests of Northern California, Peter Mayhew, the seven foot, three inch actor who portrayed Chewbacca the Wookiee, was warned not to walk off set in costume for fear of being shot by hunters.

“Remember, this is Bigfoot country,” he was told by concerned crew members.


This is a little different than being surrounded by crew members wearing brightly-colored vests. No doubt the addition of being surrounded by crew-members on security detail makes the story a little more tantalizing. One of the best ways to find out would be from Peter mayhew himself and how would we get him to respond to such a trivial detail. Apparently Peter Mayhew has a confirmed reddit account and on, June 22nd 2015.

Although the Pacific Northwest filming site is still in question as least we know Bigfoot hunters were a large concern on the set of filming Jedi and protection included not walking offset with the costume on and a squad of brightly colored crew-members.

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14 Responses to “Peter Mayhew Confirms He Required Bigfoot Protection as Chewbacca”

  1. Tyler D

    I would believe that if any hunters saw a 7 foot hairy biped walking with security and a filming crew it would be safe to say that “This isn’t the squatch you are looking for”. And I believe that any genuine sasquatch researcher or enthusiast could probably could tell the difference between a sasquatch and a Chewbacca costume. Except for “Dr.Ketchum” she might think that Chewbacca is Matildas long lost twin haha. Such a horrible hoax that was. And I love Star Wars, I’m always down with the rebel alliance

  2. Christian L

    hmm……post police took my previous post down……didn’t think I was offending anyone…..except LA Hippies:))))…political correctness on a BF site?….2015 is quickly becoming “1984”. Thin skin folks…….if I get pulled off again for a post that was damn funny and not remotely offensive I’d like a full refund. Other than that keep up the good work…love the show….

    • Tyler D

      Hey man, if your post was taken down I’m sure it wasn’t purposely or with any bad intent behind. It was probably a mistake, I wouldn’t take it personally bro

  3. Pierre M

    Why is this so hard to believe? Not only could he be mistaken for sasquatch but also a bear. I believe as hunters become more aware of these creatures the less likely they wil be shot at. Sasquatch have already been discovered just not scientifically documented. But I honestly believe science refuses to document them for it could very well erase what weve been told about the evolution of the human race.

  4. Duncan S

    How long would a 7 foot tall dude last in those woods wearing a chewy suit, before he gets not only clear cam footage, but the earths first xxx squashporn.?
    If i was 7foot and had a chewy suit, my first video would be called shaggin squashy..
    Keep it up guys…love it..

  5. Duncan S

    Someone ask Mr lucas if he could kindly donate SC- a chewy suit, two ewoks and a super-camera from skywalker ranch, and I’ll go get some no question footage for us..

  6. Kim L

    In addition to a security crew, I think a very conspicuous BF wedding ring would be prudent. You wouldn’t want to appear too “available” to any mate seekers roaming the woods.

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