Jun 26

Screams heard from the woods

I own a business that requires me to open at 4am and I have heard screams that I always thought may have been a group of girls maybe. About 5 times a year, I will hear this while walking down my driveway to my car. They are so clear that I have called the police 2x over the last two years.

They always come from the woods back behind my neighbors home where the north branch of the metedeconk river runs. The river runs for many miles and empties into the ocean, so the area is well hidden, passing through allaire state park and a reservoir in town.

They are high pitched very loud screams that have startled me more than once. I often wondered how a woman could scream so loud. I have heard owls and other common screams but I know these are much louder and longer. Last two years I have heard them in spring and fall months maybe 5-6 Times a year. The odd thing I noticed is the wildlife always gets silent when i hear them. I only recently realized what they sound like after hearing similar screams on a tv episode that was documenting bigfoot out west. I would bet there is something here in NJ. I will start carrying a recorder this year.



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  1. Christopher c

    Fagettaboudit! hey that’s cool thank you for sharing your experiences,I cant wait to hear back from you we all love audio! be safe out there good luck and happy Squatching!

  2. Jan W

    Interesting. I have a feeling these creatures are often lurking around but rarely identified due to their ability to evade detection. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Derek G

    I heard screams like that as well walking down a dirt road late at night by myself. I thought it was like a woman screaming about 50 yards into the woods from me but so loud. I had never heard anything like it before. It spooked me so bad I ran like I had never run before. I was told by someone that what I had heard was a fisher cat. I looked it up on the net and the sound was pretty close to what I had heard. I couldn’t believe that an animal could make a sound like that. Having said that most of the screams I hear on the audio recordings of bigfoot couldn’t be a fisher cat but it is something to be aware of.

    • JAMES B

      I’m in the bucks county area of , PA. I’ve long heard stories of BF in PA,NJ,NY area, and surrounding state forests and game lands. I’ve been looking for a small group of like minded people to search with in the tri-state area. Let me know if interested and I’ll shoot you my email.
      Jim B

  4. Marc I

    Hey I’m in Bucks County too! I’ve done pins on a map of the sightings that I know of in Bucks County just to figure whereabouts it /they may be coming/going to and it sorta makes a triangle around Nockamixon and that area. I also know of a friend of a friend that has had 5 different sightings at Allaire state park, so I would have to say it’s a very high probability that’s there’s something going on in there. I would be really down to go checking things out around here! Also if anybody has any stories about the area I would love to hear them.

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