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Bullitt County Beast

Bullitt County is a county in the U.S. state of Kentucky located in the far western Bluegrass region known as the Knobs. As of the 2010 census, the population was 74,319. I have been getting many reports that describe a creature much different than Sasquatch, the descriptions generally go like this “Its head resembled a German shepherd’s, its eyes reflected yellow, pointed ears on top of the head, covered with dark fur.”

This is a partial description from a witness who said she saw a 7-foot-tall “Dogman” back in 2005. The incident happened in Bullitt County, KY. and the woman will never forget that creature standing upright in her driveway.

Here is interesting testimony from Kentucky Bigfoot investigation.






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  1. Theodore G

    Interesting sighting. When they interview witnesses they should have sample audio for the eye witness to listen to so they can start to classify the sounds that people hear. I have always wondered if the dogman type critters vocalize the same as the other sasquatch? Do they exhibit more canine type behaviors or are they similar to baboon type behavior?

  2. Steven B

    Hi Theodore, this is a link to a post I made earlier but it may help to clarify somewhat.

    Before I post the link, the answer to your question, ” I have always wondered if the dogman type critters vocalize the same as the other sasquatch?”, is “Both”. It depends on which species of Dogmen you are referring to. The canine type apparently have a wolf-like howl. The “Type 3” Sasquatch seem to have screams etc.

    I have gleaned this info from here in SasChron and over at “Dogman Encounters Radio”. Here is my earlier blog entry: http://sasquatchchron.wpengine.com/watch-indiana-bigfoot-witness/#comment-24469 When you have the time, give a listen to the encounter episodes I refer to. You can also go to Vic Cundiff’s website “Dogman Encounters Radio” ( dogmanencountersradio.com ) and click on the “Podcast” link. In addition to the episode 4 in my post, episodes 1, 10, 34, 44, & 46 would be informative. For more written information and written accounts, Vic’s other site is dogmanencounters.com . Hope this helps.


    • Theodore G

      Hey Steve, I was going back through this content and realized I never thanked you for this post. Thanks for all the info. I checked out all of the content and it helped to clarify some of my thoughts on the subject. The thought of bigfoot or in the woods gives me the child’s but this dogman really creeps me out especially the encounters wherein the crazies Armas to shake, shiver and snap is jaws continuously while watching the observer/plow total victim. Thanks again.

  3. Papa - Yeti

    I believe she was very lucky to not get out.

    Speaking of land between lakes, the Family that was camping there that was brutally massacred, to include their young little girl that was at first missing and then found by a policeman high up in the forest trees, half eaten and left dangling in the trees branches. The Horrific encounter and another or two encounters of Dogman encounter was tossed around and discussed by a guest dogman researcher. Vic asked him if it really happen at Land between Lakes, if it was a real event, and he confirmed it was a real dogman Massacre as well as another case. That was either last Friday or the Friday before show over on D.E.R. I myself never doubted it. People have said they believe Dogman is far more evil then Sasquatch, I have read and studied many cases of both and that in some separate encounters both have been said to be and had proven there species to be sinisterly evil creatures, wicket creatures. And then there was the Creature that Tracy G encounter in his Van, I believe those types to be just as sinister. I just think that Dogman doesn’t play like it nice and not going to rip you apart. If I had to encounter either one I would say I might have a better chance getting out the forest alive with a Sasquatch encounter. As well to mention victims have shot the Dogman and they seem to never go down, I have hear of them staggering. And pondered if it is a matter of the creature’s heart is more positioned into the right chest rather than its left? Whichever, I believe most people are far under caliber in the weapons choices. I keep stress a 45/ 70, although that is an up close and personal round as at 300 yards the 47 /70 is said to drop 50 inches upon the center aimed target. But up close it’s a train stopping cannon and in a repeater lever action like a Henry arms H010 you’ll be able to fire off five or six rounds rapid fire and make ever bullet cont. I am also looking into the 50/90 sharps.

  4. Papa - Yeti

    Good Morning Steve B. You know I am holding off upon the Dogman Encounter Radio tee shirt, for Vic to come up with a 20 round box of SILVER – 45 /70 Government bullets in a Dogman Encounter Radio promo Box.

    As For Wes, for Sasquatch Chronicles, It would be cool if there was a Sasquatch Encounters pressed tin and painted shop mental wall tin, like I got here with a an old leather hunters vest for Peter’s Blue Shotgun shells advert, a pair of Blue Tick Hound Pups hanging out of the vest pockets. But Silver Bullets is a must.

    • Steven B

      Papa I like that idea – get a whole line of SasChron products going. Just like Hornady with their “Zombie Killer” ammo. However, SasChron & Dogman ammo would have to be the best of the best because we aren’t dealing with TV fiction. Totally reliable. Hard hitting. Deep penetration. Massive damage. I do believe a 45/70 hardcast or monolithic slug to the brainbox would drop Dogmen or Hungry Harrys post-haste. You may be correct about the canine dogmen anatomy with the heart being not exactly where we would expect – but I would expect the brain is. It may be as well that their stamina is similar to Cape Buffalo – they can absorb a heck of pile of lead in the chest vitals in what would be lethal to other animals. I’ve read stories of Cape Buffalo having lungs/heart blown out of commission yet they still have enough life left to stomp a hunter to a bloody pulp before expiring. I’ve yet to read or see, however, any buff that survived a centered shot to the ole biological Hard Drive. 😉 You mentioned the account of the LBL, there is a guest on Dogman Radio that goes over that account in Episode 46 – he also mentions what happened down in Texas.

      Always enjoy your posts.

      Cheers & God Bless

      • Kent C

        Steven: …..What you have read about the Cape Buffalo is all true!

        Some 30 years ago, I used to do some custom loading for an associate who hunted Africa on a fairly regular basis; ….And the “Buffs” were his favorite game.

        On one occasion he took a side shot on a Cape Buffalo at 25 yards with a .460 Weatherby. The round was loaded with a 500 grain FMJ “Solid”, and it passed completely through the animal, destroying the heart and most of both lungs: ……The buffalo then proceeded to run for 1.2 miles (2 KM) through the brush before dropping! (…According to the odometer in the truck.)

        There just seems to be something in the physiology of some animals that allow for this kind of endurance. I have discussed this with a number of people over the years, and no one can offer a verified clinical answer; …..But one fellow did put forth a theory that makes a bit of sense to me…..

        He suggested that some animals whose evolutionary niche requires them to regularly make sustained bursts of strenuous effort may have evolved the trait of storing higher levels of oxygen in their bodies at the cellular level than other, more sedentary critters. Consequently, such an animal would be able to literally get along WITHOUT a functioning circulatory system for several minutes!

        The question is: “Does BF and Dogman fit this physiological model??”

    • Steven B

      Hi Dave

      Try Episode 105. I do believe their is a replay of Tracy’s encounter there. It will give you chills at what this man went through and is still trying to cope with.


  5. Tyler D

    That is the most common description attributed to this vicious animal, the head looks very similar to a german shepherd. I’m assuming that they mean the mussel is longer and narrower like a german shepherd not shorter and wider like a pit bull or most other dogs. If there is any animal that a sasquatch should be cautious and weary around, and they probably are, it would be these Dogmen creatures. And I feel like that every species of the animal kingdom evolves just like we have and are. It might explain the existence an upright walking canine that at will can switch from quadruped to bipedal. I think there is a good a chance and possibility that we may share a missing link with a decent amount of the animal kingdom. We share a lot of DNA with quite a few animals. After all we share 80% of the same DNA as dogs. It’s not totally out of the realm of possibility. Keep in mind this is just a theory and completely speculative. As human kind we are so arrogant to think we know everything there is to know under the sun, we like to think that we we’re chosen for specific enlightenment. But over the centuries that enlightenment turned into arrogance and intolerance. I am a firm believer that every single person can choose what they wanna believe in and I am blessed to live in a country where we are free to do so. I’m sorry if I happened to offend anyone, that wasn’t my intention whatsoever

  6. Debbie C

    What in the world is producing these extremely strange creatures?
    Where do they originate from?
    Is Sasquatch having sex with wild dogs/domestic dogs/wolves??

    • Steven B

      Hi Debbie

      I would have to speculate “no” to your question. It violates the rules of genetics. Kind can only breed with kind. Personally I believe that the Canine type “Dogmen” are simply large canids that have adapted to being able to walk bipedal. It is not outside the known realm of possibilities: See: https://youtu.be/5QKG3CKZTYU

      For the “Type 3” Sasquatch, they seem to be primate in nature but where they fit in is a mystery to me. I once thought all Hungry, Hungry Harrys looked like Patti and since coming here, I’ve had to grasp that there are 4 variations. Whether these can interbreed would be just a blind guess for me.

      There is another slight possibility, and that is that Goobermint authorities are doing gene splicing and genetic experimentation which could account for a lot of bizarre creatures with ugly attitudes. But until one of each type of these things are either captured or killed to be studied *outside* of goobermint interference, we’ll never know what they are or where they fit in.


        • Steven B

          In light of to what ends some departments will go to shut people up – yeah – I think it is possible for a *few* but not all of the beasties. The histories of Sasquatch and Dogmen go way too far back in time for them to all be GMOs. Apparently Russia had tried experiments so I wouldn’t put it past their “competitor” to try as well.

  7. Charles B

    Some lemurs look a lot like dogmen, the reports of dogmen go back 1000 plus years. I think baboon, or lemur rather than canine. Some extinct lemurs were dogman size.

  8. Pierre M

    Wow Ive never seen one of these creatures but the eyewitness accounts just keep coming out. I have a friend that claims he saw one back in 1988. I didnt believe him at the time but know I wonder if he saw a dogman.

  9. Seamus J. C

    Here’s my radical new theory about dogmen: They just happen to have the same size and stink, and manlike build as sasquatch because…Sasquatch are like ants! Just like ants have workers and warriors, sasquatch may have specialized hunter or scout ‘squatches with longer snouts. Back in the cave/hive they all live together….No? Probably not, but it makes as much sense as anything I’ve heard. I’m just trying to wrap my mind around the whole dogman thing, and my mind is kind of rubbery and dry, like old putty…

  10. Papa - Yeti

    Tracy’s replay of his encounter is upon Episode 75, just past the mid way, I believe that you cannot just jump on anywhere and may need to start at the begining of the entire episode. the encounter before Tracy’s G on the same show in good as well. you can cut in anywhere once the episode stream has played through, and just before it ends.but not from the begining as the stream will not ramp up.

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