Sep 15

Paranormal Portal: Kerry Arnold

Brent and Don spoke about Kerry Arnold and said what we all are were feeling. Those of us who knew Kerry. It reminds me of how short life is and how tomorrow isnt promised.


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    • Bonnie A

      I’m just now learning about this. Wes steered me towards Kerry’s channel. I feel like I lost a family member This is the most loving and beautiful community. Thank you Wes and thank you Kerry.

  1. STEVE W

    Life is so fragile, We never know the day we will be taken away
    Always tell loved ones good bye and say love you on the way out the door,
    Even if your mad at each other, Many will drive off today and wont make it back
    Unfortunately Kerry was one of them

  2. Brian F

    I’m in total shock. This is so sad man. Life can be so unfair. RIP Kerry, you’ll truly be missed immensely. Prayers to the Arnold family and everyone else who’s loved him

  3. Sharity

    I feel like I’ve lost a friend…this hit hard. I was catching up on a couple of Bigfoot Odyssey episodes and he mentioned he was away at work and would be heading home soon. I thought to myself, “I hope he has a safe trip and nothing happens on the road.”. The next day I heard that he passed. I have bad luck like that – I’ve had this happen several times before. Makes me feel guilty like I’m jinxing ppl. Lon S. told me that it could be precognition and that I shouldn’t feel bad when it happens. I’m sure gonna miss Kerry. “And we’re live…”

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