Dec 29

GA Witness watches tall biped cross her backyard

Witness Observed:

I was sitting on my couch watching tv with my small dogs around me. My male Yorkie saw it when I did out our back door. It was sitll daylight. I thought it was a man at first, but it was too large, too dark, and fleeting. The dog jumped up and ran to the back door but I moved slowly over there, being a little frightened. When I looked out the door it was gone. My first impression of it being a man was because of the general shape, but the dark figure wasn’t wearing clothes and had to be over 10ft. tall to see it through the doorway like I did. I was able to see the upper body from where I was sitting. The porch drops off with a stairway to the patio around the pool. That’s where it was walking rapidly next to the house. By the time I got to the door to look out it was over the fence and gone. My instinct was to check the gate and I saw it was still latched and locked, never having been opened. It wasn’t a human it was too large. It wasn’t a bear it was running upright. I can’t come up with any other thing that could be that tall and that could do what it did and having seen what I saw in 1999 I don’t take this lightly.

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