Jun 19

News of the strange: Creation of ‘Space Force’

I love posting strange news. This is not Sasquatch related but I think it should be an eye opener for most listeners. You do not create another branch of the military unless you plan on fighting someone or in this case something. What are your thoughts? Lets keep it on this topic and not go off into politics.

President Donald Trump announced Monday that he has ordered the creation of a new military branch, adding the “Space Force” to the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard.

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  1. Mauri G

    Wow that’s amazing!! Yeah you don’t create a whole new branch of the military unless you are concerned about a threat,I just wish they would come out and say “Yes there are Aliens from other planets and or dimensions” and we could go from there. Anyway Go Trump❤️?

  2. ben h

    Interesting how the pentagon programe came out last year and then this, one of the arguments for it happening is so that when they use high tech stuff we won’t be so baffled by it. Good way of bringing into the light and legitimizing everything hidden

  3. Peter B

    Creating a space race for defensive and offensive weaponry. Some other countries have developed satellite weaponry to shoot satellites down. Already tested by China awhile ago. If other aliens are visiting, I’m sure they could already wipe us all out. Besides laser weaponry would be more sensible. Even to shoot the laser to space and have it deflect back down to the target on Earth. Don’t get too far out on theories. Not to mention how the defense Dept. has to dole out the money to another branch of service. Keep practicing on your PlayStation, and take a break to watch the “The Last Starfighter”. May the Squatch be with you……..

  4. Forrest W

    Remember back when Regan was doing the new budget. The normal political sides were sabre rattling over the defence budget. Regan had a number that was going to Congress. Then, Regan visited Los Alamos. The next day the Defense budget got increased, HUGE. The rumors were he got “read in” to something that involved space & the budget was increased for “space related”.

    • Peter B

      Yeah, Reagan wanted it because of the Arms Race with Russia. Thanks for bringing this up, we can’t go too far down the rabbit hole. Our leaders aren’t exactly doing things well in Washington. I would really like the other Arm Forces in on the conversation. We need experience not rhetoric, too much on the line…God Bless America!!!!!

  5. Lewis S

    Reagan warned about a greater danger out there. He along with 3 other presidents had seen things that couldn’t be explained. The cold war was an excuse for orbital defenses.

  6. brad b

    As Peter B alluded to more and more countries are branching out into space with satellites and other technologies — especially our non friends China and Russia. We have space based weaponry and they are surely implementing the same so it only makes sense that we have a dedicated force to handle both defensive and offensive operations in space. This new force may indeed have some focus on existing or potential extraterrestrial threats but I’m betting it’s mainly about dealing with our fellow human nations or they wouldn’t have made such a public announcement.

  7. Daniel E

    Look at the lowest and brightest stars in the sky for 30 seconds and after you see them dart up and down back and forth look at them through a pair of binoculars. There are at least 4 of these “stars” out there.

    • Aaron L

      I have seen a darting and wiggling star before. Watched it for about 30 minutes. I’ll keep an eye out for what you say about 4 of them low in the sky. Thanks for the info.

    • Peter B

      You are right about that, I have noticed at least 2 different stars that flicker red,blue, silver,orange. They are always there southwest and easterly, sometimes southeast. They flicker and do sort of float back and forth in different directions in a small area. Look closely, look for the flickering. Check it out, of course there’s always”An Explanation”.

  8. Aaron L

    It would be interesting to learn of their mission statement, funding, and recruiting measures. These things may yield clues to the purposes of this group. The government is fantastic at laundering money for evil purposes. Nothing is as it appears in this life as it’s obvious the MSM lies about everything for an agenda steeped in the occult. After all, they present sasquatch as a myth, and we know that sasquatch is very real. What’s really going on with this space force – I can’t say, but it is interesting.

    • Peter B

      This comment just came out of the President today. But so much rhetoric, shiny keys dangling in front of us. Meanwhile other stuff going on, no plans, no ideas. Is it another ploy for self enrichment, or truly for the safety of the The United States of America. We need true experience on this.

  9. Jeremy J

    Y’all gotta research if the earth is even a spinning globe. I’ve been looking into it a few years and I don’t think we live on a globe. IMHO we live on a flat realm with hollow caverns underneath. All the energy of earth forms a toroid. Also the Bible says the earth doesn’t move and I trust the Bible before luciferian Astronauts and NASA. Please research it fully before you blow it off. ✊4 TRUTH

  10. JAMES B

    Trump distracts,….. that’s what he does when faced with unfavorable situations. He’s a consummate ? liar, and needs a quick story for reporters to latch on to. That’s all this is. Honestly, does anyone believe that he, “baby Huey”, would be included in any knowledge of black budgets and super secret off the radar government activities??? It’s bad enough that he’s within arms reach of the nuclear football.
    And besides, it would take an act of Congress to be able to create a new branch in the military and its corresponding budget. And we know that nothing makes congressional candidates more popular than increased government spending. This is nothing more than more vocal diarrhea spewing from the mouth of someone who can’t maintain coherent progression of thought in the first place. It’s a big nothing burger and distraction.

    • Peter B

      Sadly you are right…… Whether we,agree with one another or not. We are all on this rock together. The only thing I have to say is vote this November. Thank you for such good conversation and ideas.

  11. Lee D

    It’s TRUE, you…y would not do so without cause. But withthe funding this will take. I believe this branch has already been established. If you do some research, you’ll see that there have been people claiming the existence of us, America already having a space based military. Just makes me think something is coming, where they have decided thatit’s time to make it public. Super interesting tho. And scary. And also makes me think about how sasquatch and other cryptids are being noticed and encountered more. Something strange is happening, and its felt that way for a while now.

  12. Carolyn R

    Lee D , you are so much closer than you think. Or than you want to be……
    I am a no body, my background is teachers and preachers, most of these questions I have had since I was five years old. Finally after researching so many writings and and a few statements from people who SEEMED credible I formed a theory. 1/3 of it I sent to Wes.if you are interested email me and I will send it to you. heavenslegendfarms@gmail.com

  13. Rodney M

    I think there is a few things going on. Each branch of the military has its own space command. It just makes more sense to fold those separate commands into one. In future warfare control of space is going to be as important as air superiority is today. Everything depends on satellites. There is going to be need to protect ours and take out the enemies. Also the Russians, Chinese and Indians are racing to weaponize space.

    I also think protection of earth is also part of this. One we have the threat of asteroids and large meteors. The earth has been hit and devastated in the past by big space rocks. It is only smart to have the means to move or destroy such threats. Then there is ET threats. I honestly think we are not alone, the government is lying to us, not all aliens are friendly and the government is lying. I wonder if Solar Warden is real.

  14. Melanie W

    I’m on the “we already have a space military presence” wagon. There is just too much real evidence out there that points to it. I also believe that many of the black triangles are ours.

    If I were a betting woman, I’d bet that this is just a way to thread the “confirmation” that’s been happening since last December, with the existence of… well, our space military. I also think that the move by Russia and China towards space expansion (our moon and Mars) is making the US nervous, and this is an opening to send a message that we are right behind them (or perhaps ahead of them).

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