Jun 22

Natural disasters and Sasquatch

This has been on my mind with all of the recent flooding in Texas. Gary W. wrote on facebook “Trinity river in Texas is still flooding. Driving all the Bigfoot and dogmen to higher ground along with everything else!”

I anticipated having people report a rash of sightings from the area. I assumed that people would report seeing these creatures in places where they are not normally seen.

Do you think natural disasters drive these creatures into places that they would not normally go?


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  1. Janet B

    Very likely…if everything else is moving to higher ground…which would of course, include prey…can’t imagine them
    staying down to enjoy the swimming. 🙂

    Jan B

  2. Steven B

    Yes – I would expect they would be like all other land dwellers – move to higher ground and areas that do not flood. If these areas happen to be close to homes – I would expect an increase in sightings of everything. Time will tell. I just wonder how many people will be willing to tell what they see.

  3. Dave T

    Totally agree, this kind historic flooding changes a lot of things and will even change the landscape in these River drainages. All the wildlife in these areas has to adjust. Sightings should go up and it would be a great time to look for trackways after water receeds and these creatures return to their home turf.

  4. Pierre M

    I dont think these creatures mind water at all. They adapt to there surroundings I believe flooded areas gives them even more cover. Like swamps in the south. They love the swamps cause theres not alot of humans in the swamps. These creatures are intelligent and are going to seek places during the day that humans dont frequent. At night is when they might come closer to where more humans are. looking for food. Just like peopke wonder how they stay warm in the winter. I believe the cold doesnt affect them. They would prefer shelter but under a spruce tree will work just fine. They are excellent swimmers too so flooded areas would give them even more cover. Especially places where humana cant easily access. Theyre are not like your typical animal they have intellect and instinct. They are thinkers which seperates them from ordinary animals like beer moose deer etc. I honestly believe they use flooded areas as cover.

    • SantiamLady

      I disagree, politely. ☺️ Many land animals stalk swamps, and Sasquatch in particular is reportedly an excellent swimmer, but no land mammal, with the exception of the Polar Bear, enjoys spending long periods of time swimming.
      I think these Crypids might stay near flooded areas, or might swim from one piece of dry land to another, but I don’t think they’ll be out there just treading water.????????????
      They’ll be scrambling to higher ground, just like any other air breathing mammal, especially family Groups with young to protect. ????????

  5. Frankie P

    If you look at a map, almost anywhere there are sightings, there is higher ground near in Texas. I’d get and elevation map and look there – but remember, it is much harder for modern humans to get into these areas than BF. That’s just my opinion. Now, Houston, Austin, San Antonio are so much nearer than they used to be – better roads/bridges for humans and animals so if they head West, or South along the coast – they’d be safer.

  6. Dovie D

    I have thought about that not only with floods but fires as well. Animals would need to move to survive. These are very smart and can climb too but I heard they may live in caves as well. I would think if they moved to higher ground they would hide out in caves for cover and move in trees to keep out of sight. .?

  7. Papa - Yeti

    I have viewed the flood damage and learned why they occurred as well I have studies the sciences of Forest fires, the aftermath and causes of them like the politics of them, as in the Big Burn 1910 mega fire storm, that burned the Bitterroot mountain ranges, towns, that covered 3 state, Montana, Idaho and Washington state. in some situations no animals or humans could out run the forest fires and escape the 1500 Plus degree f. Flames towering upwards in fiery flaming vortexes launching missiles of flames up and into surround trees. The drought conditions of the Big Burn in the northern states are as they right now and will be even more so in the nearing summer months. Dry Lightening is coming, and these present drought conditions are the same as they were when Canada’s Porcupine firestorm occurred in 1911.

    -This very summer can become a single or multiple mega fire storm that can kill a lot of People, or firefighters, and kill monsters along with the animals. I was studying the Last Texas fire video, the animals I saw were burnt to death, it showed clear evidence that many livestock animals were abandoned and could not escape do to high wire fences, and barbed wire fences, some elk as well ran into the fence lines and became trapped and entangled with no way to run off to escaping the raging fire storms, and high walls of flame chasing right behind them. The floods have death traps as well, like all the submerged up rooted trees with leafless branches to become entangled in. a foot or hoof can get caught and wedged in under the suffice of the raging river, then the sheer force of the river will then drive you right under and hold you there.

    So eighter way is very bad, either way can take away you air.

  8. Kay S

    The flooding may also drive them closer to each other. With them apparently being so territorial you may end up with some injured Bigfoot running around. If they’re mean when they’re healthy, imagine how mean they’ll get if they’re hurt or stressed!

  9. Daniel D

    I wouldn’t be surprised at all if there were a rash of sittings with all that flooding. It’s simple logistics the water rises these animals move to higher ground along with the prey animals they rely on for food.

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