May 21

Native American names for Bigfoot

Every Native American tribe has a name for this creature and I found this video interesting.

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  1. Jay h

    The one that said “Giant Keepers” made me think there like the watch dogs of where the giants dwell inside the mountains..very interesting

  2. Joyce N

    like. 🙂 Here’s my thing about these names that confuse me. The keep referring to cannibals- In order to be a cannibal-you eat your own kind. Lots of animals are cannibalistic- Female mother dogs will eat stillborn puppies , snakes will eat snakes , chimps will eat chimps, and so on. Are they cannibals because they eat other sasquatch or cannibals because they look so human they consider them humans and they eat humans along with sasquatch? It definitely appears that some areas the sasquatch are extremely aggressive and get scarier titles-other tribes just calling it big man or owl woman, hairy man or wild man- no inclination that they’re a big threat. Wes, do you know any tribes that may be able to enlighten us on this? Maybe more than one tribe member from different areas that can expand on this?

    • Duke S

      There are many names for Bigfoot other than those listed above. I looked into the above question very thoroughly when I began studying Wendigo legends, and yes on both counts, they were similar enough to us that they were considered “people” so when they ate a human, they were cannibals by the measure of the natives, also, there are stories of these creatures warring upon other tribes (troops) nearby, and when they killed a member of the enemy and could make off with the body, they ate it. So the answer is, both. They may bury members of their own troop, but enemies were a food source. Really, this is no different than the natives on New Zealand (Maori) who would not only kill their enemies, but eat them as well.

      • Daniel S

        hey duke knowing you ,you probably may know this, but the maori warriors used to eat the enemy’s bravest warriors to gain their ( mana ) skill prowlesq , spirit in battle peiCE**

  3. Daniel S

    it looked to me that the ones with giant in their names had reddish depicted hair? kinda matches up with these giant remains found in places maybe? anyway PEEce*

  4. Charles K

    Joyce N, it is a theory that they eat their dead. Allegedly, an eyewitness said he saw several tear one apart on a sand bar. I don’t believe it but that’s the theory. It’s also a neat excuse as to why no one ever finds bones. IMHO, I think it’s cause they bury their dead. Plain and simple. If they are intelligent, have a language, have expression and as one eyewitness stated, “Looked like it had a soul.”, then I think they can bury their dead. Just my $.02

    • Joyce N

      thanks, Charles. maybe the more aggressive ones do. i’m just thinking of the one native american lady speaking about them being cannibals and eating the dead -ya know-the one where the tribe got together and loaded their cave with wood and set it on fire and killed a bunch of them. were they eating dead tribe members? were they eating their own dead? gets a little confusing on what they mean by cannibalism to me. if they saw them as large human tribes, ok, i get that. if they saw them as cannibals of their own kind-who cares? how does that offend their tribe? it’s more likely to me that they bury them somewhere-it’s not like large skeletons haven’t been found and the smithsonian institute is holding onto them for some odd reason. those bodies were discovered in that cave. so her story holds water.

    • Daniel S

      If some do bury their dead? as some native knowledge tells us? it must show that they value the deceased enough to wish to protect their bodies in at least a physical sense?

  5. pam

    Joyce, also they considered some bf as a people….people that eat people, native americans etc., are cannibals then.
    I spoke with Duke about Native American names for the various creatures and have concluded for myself, they were correct in naming the differing creatures as rhey did. We are all into type 1or type 2 etc. and can you keep them straight?

    • Joyce N

      thanks, pam. that’s what i thought, but then you hear the descriptions and Wes saw apes, this one sees a human looking one-another sees a blend. must be alot of groups of them. patty looks apish to me- she seems pretty passive, just walking away. Wes’ encounter, they were aggressive and intimidating.. did he and Woody disrupt their hunting so they kept them at bay while the others hunted? Did Woody piss them off by flashing his gun? from their description-they’re more like a damn dirty ape. i guess i’m getting confused on the types and their locations. some people feel hunted, some just get a brief passing. it seems they like intimidation, and have every opportunity to flat out take some witnesses out, yet they don’t. like there’s some unknown rule to not take it that far. are these missing persons from 411 sasquatch or are they the dogmen? there’s a lot to learn.

  6. Knobby

    Joyce, when Native Americans spoke of them being cannibals it was because they considered sasquatches to be people who were eating the people of their tribe. There are lots of legends of sasquatches eating Native Americans, who referred to sasquatches as people, and I believe calling them cannibals is in reference to that.

    I’ve read one account of to sasquatches fighting and one killed the other and began eating it. But I doubt they are eating their close relatives. There are a number of accounts of people reporting them burying their dead.

  7. Kay S

    Logically thinking from the possible BF point of view, they probably do eat their dead. Why would any predator pass up such a large amount of calories and protein? Lions and many other predators eat their own kind once they are dead, lionesses eat their dead cubs. It takes a lot of a predator’s energy to hunt, the gift of free meat is a boon energy wise. It is distasteful to our minds, but just natural survival to many predators.

  8. MONTE M

    He did not have a name for it but when asked about what he knew about Bigfoot a Native on Leech Lake Reservation said he grew up believing it was a shape shifter and that was his ancestral belief on what it was .

  9. Tedd

    Very interesting collection of ceremonial mask, there is something I noticed long ago about the totems and mask portraying the people of woods by native peoples, the mouths pursed like whistling or yelling. I assume it’s because they are heard more than seen but could be a nod toward their ability to affect prey or people by vocalizations. Also the slimmer/pointed faced ones seem more threatening and have menacing teeth/scowl sometimes. Who would know better than those who live alongside each other? It’s like those who spend large amounts of their lives in the wood today is; Mr. Bob Garrett, Coonbo & Bear, I get the largest amount of knowledge that makes sense to me.

  10. Tedd

    I have heard that they’ve been known to use large boulders to cover remains of dead troop/family members. Makes sense if you are the only one around who can move the rocks that it would keep the burial protected.

  11. Duke S

    Every time this subject comes up I hear people mention that they have heard stories/legends of them burying their dead. Well, could some one point me in the direction of one of these stories? I have been researching this for decades and have yet to come across even ONE of these stories. I am not saying there aren’t any stories, I just sincerely wish that when this is brought up someone could actually refer me to ANYWHERE that I can hear one? It makes sense that the more human ones may bury their dead, I just want to hear at least ONE story that talks about that happening. Thanks!

    • Daniel S

      Duke S, I think on the first episodes of this show there was mention of burial sites by Wes, and he was wanting to look into them, if I got it wrong sorry Wes

    • Indignico

      Have you read Enoch (sp?) many people seem to knee-jerk that it is a work of fiction but it doesn’t read like that to me at all and there’s an interesting witnessed scene of a burial of a young (toddler-ish age) killed by some means not disclosed and amidst the wailing of the mother the community in general uproots a small tree and digs a grave where the roots once were and then they replace the tree above the body and move as much original dirt in around the roots over the body and in the end you could apparently barely tell the tree had been disturbed.

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