Jun 19

National Cryptid Society: Do you have “Problem Bears?”

The National Cryptid Society writes “Welcome to the National Cryptid Society Case Files. This is Case file #75. The link to the article associated with this video can be found here.

2 Responses to “National Cryptid Society: Do you have “Problem Bears?””

  1. m99

    Several things:
    1. So glad Wes doesn’t make it about ‘theatrics’
    2. Hasn’t it been common knowledge that Sasquatch and Bears don’t inhabit the same area? Isn’t YS loaded down with bears?
    3. “Bad press, crime, missing people were all kept quiet” – sounds like today. At least there’s an allusion to the fact from long ago!

  2. Trent M

    M99, I’ve never heard that BF and bears don’t inhabit the same areas but I could certainly be wrong. I felt it was more like the day shift and the night shift and that is how they avoided competing with each other. Yellowstone has a lot of reported sighting and in fact, one of the entrances was a specific place that at one time the BFRO suggested to folks looking for a sighting to go to because they had been seen by so many people there.

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