Jun 20

The Horse Scarer photo

I am not sure what the background story is regarding this photo but I found it interesting. Bigfoot Tony takes a closer look:

8 Responses to “The Horse Scarer photo”

  1. m99

    It has a strange stance for sure. It also kinda looks like it’s eye’s are on either side of it’s head. I watched the video and saw the outline of it’s eyes, but I’m not convinced that’s where they are. It didn’t seem like it was placed there to me. It is very natural (in an unnatural way) looking, like an animal. It also looks demonic. Yep. That’s a scary looking thing for sure.

  2. Karen C

    I like it, cool pic. But it’s hiding like a predator would but what kind of predator? Could be a new kind, how exciting until it kills one of your animals…Time to call the Military in and take care of business….

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