Feb 19

Mountain Beast Mysteries: The Famous Tree Structures Of Nordegg

Mountain Beast Mysteries takes a look at tree structures in Nordegg. Nordegg is a hamlet in west-central Alberta, Canada within Clearwater County.

It is located in the North Saskatchewan River valley in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, just east of the intersection of the David Thompson Highway and the Highway 734 spur of the Bighorn Highway (the Forestry Trunk Road). A former coal-mining town, it was named after Martin Nordegg and the name probably means “North Corner” in a German dialect. The railway station name at the locality was called Brazeau rather than Nordegg at certain points in its history, but the local post office has always been named Nordegg. The name Brazeau is now obsolete.

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  1. Virginia S

    The questionable person he speaks of is obviously Todd Standing…funny because Justin wouldnt even know about these structures in Nordegg if it wasn’t for Todd.
    I’ve watched several of Justin’s (Mountain Beast Mysteries) videos and they have NOTHING on Todd’s work.
    Sorry, just had to vent😡
    Love me some Sasquatch Chronicles, tho😉

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