Jun 25

Mike Wooley’s Terrifying Bigfoot Encounter

Mike Wooley was out deer hunting in the woods near Keatchie, Louisiana in December of 1981 when, instead of him finding deer, a pair of Bigfoot found him. As he recounts his encounter, he was in his deer stand, when a deer that was obviously being chased, broke out of the brush and stopped to rest at the base of his stand.

When he looked up from the deer at his feet, his eyes fell on a 7′-8′ tall black, hairy, humanoid creature. His first impression is that someone was trying to scare him out of his deer stand and so he started chewing out what he thought was a person. When it didn’t answer back, he raised up his rifle and looked at it through the rifle scope. This is when he realized it wasn’t a man in a suit.

8 Responses to “Mike Wooley’s Terrifying Bigfoot Encounter”

  1. Linda B

    I didn’t realize Mike had passed, God rest his soul.
    I had heard of his encounter…about him turning and shooting the tree to stall before hopping into the truck, very smart. I sure don’t doubt anymore that these things are real.

  2. m99

    Keatchie, Louisiana ~ A very small and very friendly town. Once I stopped with a group heading north to a Christian Festival, and one of the guys was from there. We stopped and fellowshipped with a couple places. He said they whole town hosts people in each church, one weekend a month and they all have a picnic after one during a month. Really cool place. I may have fellowshipped with Mike Wooley once, I don’t know. We’re so fortunate to have this recording of you most excellent interview with this very gentle man, Mike Wooley. So I pray he rests in peace. Thank you Wes.

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