Jun 25

Tonight’s Show: The Georgia Sasquatch Is Now Available

A listener writes “The first encounter: I was 9 years old. I lived with my mother in a neighborhood and the part of the neighborhood that we lived in was on the back side and behind the house we shared a heavily forested area that was behind chain link fences and I always had a weird feeling about these woods as long as we had lived there and I hunted all the time with my grandfather there was just something about these woods that screamed stay the hell out of here.

The day of the encounter me and my child hood friend that lived next door Franklin had gathered a bunch of random junk from both of our back yards and we put together a little fort I guess you could call it we were sitting there like kings of the castle on our little fort we had built and we heard these overwhelming like stomping foot steps coming from the woods we both began watching to see what it was well a white tail deer came barreling through but the thing about it was that the foot steps we were hearing did not match the pace of the deer then this is what got me something I’m assuming was thinking back was roughly 7.5 foot tall long reddish brown hair came literally steps behind the deer and I mean it was mind blowing as a young boy to see this and at the time I had no idea what Bigfoot was and the details that I remember that really blew my mind was we had about 50 foot of fence line that separated our yard from these woods and it seemed like it took 3 maybe 4 strides of this thing to get from fence post to fence post and this was a chain link fence by the way and the actual sighting of this thing didn’t really bother me it was the noises it was letting out like pure rage as it was chasing down this deer it was these angry desperate hungry grunts and that I can still hear in my head this whole instance happened very quickly and me and Franklin just kinda look at each other and we’re like yea time to head out and I never played in that back yard again.

Second encounter was again in West GA but not the same woods I was 16 and I was hunting with my uncle I was in a deer stand about 20 ft off the ground and my uncle was in a blind about 100 yards to my right it was a relatively slow morning no squirrels no birds nothing and this was very strange for the area we were hunting it was usually very very active with the wildlife it was i guess about 9:00am and I heard these same foot steps coming from my right if I could guess a distance I would say probably about 100 yards and the thumps of this footsteps literally brought back the memory of the first encounter it was so large and you could just tell the mass from how it shook the earth from its footsteps at this point it is almost like drums because it is constantly ” bum bum bum bum” I mean whatever this was was hauling ass through these woods and where I was sitting was a patch of white oaks between two pine thickets I never saw anything this time but I know what it was from the sound it let out.

The foot steps abruptly stopped like on a dime almost and then after it stopped I heard what sounded like a dog barking and that continued and at this point the sound of the footsteps had made it to my left side closer to my uncle and then this I will never forget this scream this unforgettable freaking scream man like a scream someone would let out if they were mad about something and it came from where my uncle was at so at that point I’m like oh my god what the hell is going on and I hear my uncle start yelling and I hear a gun shot at that point I’m like okay it’s go time I have to do something I literally slide down the ladder of my deer stand and just haul ass to where I am hearing everything and I get over there and he is like a sheet of paper he has a full grown white German Shepard like trying to get in his pocket and he is just staring off into the woods like he had just seen Jesus come back man and this dog is like I said trying to get in his skin and I kept saying Johnny what the hell happens over and over again and I walked up and shook him by the arm and he snapped out of it and he looked me in the eyes and said please tell me you saw that f—- thing I told him I heard it running over but I didn’t see anything he stammered his words and a tear rolled down his face and he said we got to go so we ran about a quarter mile back up the hill to his house and he stopped me and said Bryan don’t tell anyone in here about what just happened he said they are younger than you and they won’t understand it will just make them scared to be here but I think I just saw a big foot I asked him well did you shoot at it he said I shot at the ground because it was walking towards me trying to get that damn dog and he started screaming not in an attempt to scare it but because he feared for his life as for the dog we called the number on the collar and the dog actually lived about 6 miles from where we were and we didn’t tell the owners about what was chasing it but the owners did say that he was a very mean dog and didn’t let anyone pet or touch him so they didn’t understand why he was literally glued to our side the whole time until they got there

Third and most intense encounter
This was when I was 18 years old I was hunting by myself behind my grandfathers house in again west ga I was sitting on the ground it was a very normal morning birds were chirping like I said everything normal I had a small buck pass me at about daylight that morning and the area I was sitting was a hill that was in the middle of a pine thicket and the hill went down to a creek that had another hill and at the top of this hill was old rail road tracks well I passed that small buck because it was doe only day and I sat there for about another hour and a good size mama doe walked out from behind about 45 feet to my left she walked down the hill and she was up wind from me so I knew she was gonna bust me so I decided to pull up my rifle and as I did the butt of my rifle caught on my mesh blanket I had on my lap and the doe she blew at me and if you’re a hunter you will know what I mean by that and she threw that tail up and rain up towards the rail road track well she blew a few more times as they will when they bust you and then I heard her direction change back towards me and this is the part that is just in real she ran directly back to me and laid down about three feet away from my feet and did not look at me she just looked back towards the tracks and I heard this sound that my chest hurt like a deep growl and my heart was already pounding from the deer laying down on my feet pretty much and at this point after I heard the growl I heard a foot step and I saw it it stepped down over the hill from the rail road track and the doe scooted closer to my feet and im literally shaking to the point of im about to die I couldn’t move I couldn’t do nothing but stare at this creature and it was massive man like at least 7/8 foot tall and it’s face was so mean looking like he was so angry that this had happened he stepped down into the creek and stepped out and at this point it was 20 foot away and it was just looking me in my eyes and letting out these gust of air from its nostrils and it was moving the hairs on it’s face and it looked at me and I could see it’s chest taking in air and it roared at me and this roar lasted it had to have been 10 seconds and at this point I couldn’t breath I could not do anything but just prepare to die in a blunt way of putting it and to this day I feel bad but I snapped back into reality and I pulled up my gun put it to this deers head and shot without missing a beat I ran as fast as I could back to my Pawpaw’s house and I left my gun and all my other stuff in the woods and I told him about what happened and he refused to believe we got two more guns and went back into the woods to get my gun and things back and I got there and the doe my lunch box were gone and my rifle had been smashed against the tree I was sitting against and my scope was broken I have not been hunting since and it has almost been 5 years since this happened

This was by far the most scary thing that has happened to me.”

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  1. Linda B

    Wow. This encounter confirms a lot of what we’ve heard about the deer coming to man for safety from these things. I thought it was smart to handle it the way he did. I’d have started running with the deer and we’d both gotten killed, or I’d have charged the da…ed thing since I fight instead of flee 9/10ths of the time. Squatch burgers for sale. Yeah right. Will be a great show tonight. Thanks

  2. Darrel R

    I do a lot of hunting, as I stated here before I did 2 tours of Vietnam as a sniper, I own 2, 270,s a 308 sniper rifle A 50 Cal and a 270 Weatherby, and a 340 Weatherby and I have hunted and killed 2 Alaskan Kodiak bear in the late 70.s early 80.s that weighs up to 1200lbs, if Sasquatch exists from what I have heard the physical characteristics are approx 7-8ft tall and approx 800lbs, a standard 270 shooting a normal 130 gr anything would spit a Sasquatch 45 lb head in half, at the distance this caller said he was at. The caller also said when he heard a shot from his companion he ran over to see what happened, He didn’t ask if his friend had shot at the supposed creature. I just hear these stories of people with High power hunting rifles that either don’t shoot or are too scared to. common folks, how are we ever going to know if these things really exist if someone doesn’t take a good kill shot on one? I am giving my honest opinion. Now I have listened to some very interesting calls on here fortunately this isn’t one of them.

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