Jul 28

Massive UFO Spotted in Illinois

History writes “Analysis of video taken of an alleged UFO over Illinois suggests the object could have been as large as 1500 feet across. See more in Season 2, Episode 1, Invasion: Illinois.”

5 Responses to “Massive UFO Spotted in Illinois”

  1. STEVE W

    My bet is military , we are finding out that military contractors have been hiding technology from even military , And it comes down to free energy , These ships don’t stop for fuel , Tesla created free energy back in 1902 , They had 100 years to perfect

  2. Linda B

    One of the female witnesses described seeing an oval sphere with dull red lights around it. I caught my breath when I read that because I saw two of those in 1973 or so when I was driving down a quiet street in west Topeka and noticed a group of neighbors clustered together near one of their front porches, front porch light on, pointing up into the night sky. The two big objects were so low you could see the underneath side of it, it seemed to have lines and ridges on it underneath. They were close together and silent and were going really slow up above the front of my very cool, red, ’62 Chevy.

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