Jul 28

UAMN TV: Ranchland High Strangeness: ‘UFOs & Profound Connections’

UAMN TV writes “Project Doorway Advanced Studies of High Strangeness and Rach-land Phenomena: In this fascinating series Steve Mera reveals the advanced studies of Project Doorway, a 6 year study looking at the UFO Phenomena and its realistic association with the Paranormal, Cryptids and much more.

In this first episode Steve talks about the work, he and Barry Fitzgerald has been involved with throughout numerous countries. Steve reveals the latest research and developments indicating that the various phenomena witnessed and experienced throughout Ranch-Lands and other locations seemingly have a strong connection. Could the phenomena of UFOs be something far more profound than we could have ever imagined?”

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  1. CJ M

    This caused me to look up project doorway, interesting initial read. https://www.stevemera.com/project-doorway/

    There is a paper that can be downloaded, I haven’t done this yet, don’t know if I want to commit that much time to it. I do enjoy the ideas springing forth from some of the correlations they have been finding. Its also interesting to note the changes in ideologies through the years.

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