Mar 11

Lycandroids: Supersoldiers and the Freedom War

Never heard the term Lycandroids,I kind of got lost when he talks about making a movie. Take a look and tell me what you think. Below is the information:

Lycandroids’ is a 2-part book. The first part deals with the accounts and evidence of a very real, violent, genetically-engineered beast; a hybrid of human and canine genetics. The second part is a fictionalized saga based upon these firsthand accounts.

After WW2, it is said that the Pentagon began a secret, experimental Super Soldier project. This creature was spawned in a Nazi Fourth Reich laboratory, deep in the bowels of the Earth near Dulce, New Mexico, in cooperation with off-planet overlords. In late 2017, anonymous hackers launch the Vendetta virus that brings down every computer system and microchip-embedded device in the entire world.

Then comes the Freedom War, when the people of planet Earth rebel against the bankers and giant corporations that have enslaved them for over a century. Virtually every country of the world in late 2017 is in chaotic anarchy. Humankind faces the grim reality of struggling for survival, not only against other humans but primarily against what may be the strongest and most vicious monster on land…the Lycandroid!


7 Responses to “Lycandroids: Supersoldiers and the Freedom War”

  1. Michael C

    It’s more likey than any other explanation Dogman too and what better super soldiers than Catamounts? This is who the 2 idiot men in black are.Where else but theD.O.D. with that high level clearence?

  2. Denise F

    I have always thought that dogman was created by the gov or a high powered organization. I just don’t talk about it but witnesses claim “they are built to kill” and my gut always goes back to that.

  3. Jeffrey H

    If these creatures were design genitically by the government then how would we explain the same type of creatures that had been known to exist back in Egyptian times. These creatures were hired to fight in many wars for the Egyptian government and were paid handsomely too. I think these creatures have always been around. Maybe the government got a hold of a couple and started doing genetic experiments by combining more human, ape, gorilla, canine or another known animal’s genes into the creatures that already existed from the past. Just a thought! ps: The Egyptian government used these creatures to fight for them and paid them well for a couple reasons. One being that they were furious fighters. It would only take a small amount of them to do so much damage to the government’s enimees versus a huge amount of their soldiers to do the same amount of damage. Secondly, the Egyptian government paid these creatures well so that they would not turn on the Egyptian royalty and it’s people themselves. The government was very afraid of the creatures turning on the government and then becoming their rulers. Thus they needed to keep the creatures happy!

    • Tedd

      That’s exactly what I think every time someone says that dogman or even Sasquatch are a government created and controlled cryptid. If that’s the case, how can ancient history and native stories from every corner of civilization have accounts of the same beast?
      I don’t disregard the possibilities of world powers trying to utilize the incredible tools of destruction these things possess but we have to give more credence to what knowledge was passed down by our ancestors. People like to say that the tales were changed as they were told, like the telephone game, but most tribes and ancient people put great importance and value in their spoken history and only certain people were allowed to tell and teach selected orators.

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