Mar 11

Science is Creating REAL SUPER SOLDIERS

Ancient Mysteries writes “Unfortunately, these are not peaceful times and military spending is up all around the world. Every country is trying their best to create more sophisticated weapons and the US is leading that charge. Here are some ways that science is creating the next super soldier.”


7 Responses to “Science is Creating REAL SUPER SOLDIERS”

  1. Cristina J

    I’m so disturbed I don’t even know where to start. So many thoughts go through my mind. Again though it’s fear that’s used. My brother is a soldier so of course I want him safe and invincible but what they just described wouldn’t be my brother either. We are still human. Well for now. There are so many things wrong with all of it. I don’t know why people aren’t horrified and when I think of what could happen as a trial run or what could be destroyed. Bone chilling

  2. Debbie A

    My husband and I have been hearing about super soldiers for some time.
    We met a soldier who’s father had designed a super soldier suit and was
    working with the army base to implement it. It’s all about power and control.

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