Mar 11

Bigfoot Researcher Shares His Research

I am searching for more of this “Bigfoot Research” I keep hearing about. Good or bad I will share with you guys and gals what I find. So far this is what I have found. Jerry Cline describes his research. I hope everyone can take something away from this video.

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32 Responses to “Bigfoot Researcher Shares His Research”

  1. m99

    Wellll, ummmm. Guess I’ll come back to this later once I’m good and awake, and used to this freaking time change. I’m so grouchy right now, don’t need to listen to grouchy guy here. 🙂 I bet he’s got some good points, once he gets done fussing about youtube….

    • m99

      Thanks Doug. I’ll check this out now. I don’t dislike the man, just seems he’s fussing too much for me to handle right now. I don’t seem to have the patience I need sometimes. Thx_m

      • Duke S

        Jerry was responding to multiple You Tube trolls who are posting attack videos on him, one of whom has done nothing BUT attack Jerry Cline videos…seriously, every video on the guys channel is slander against Jerry, nothing else. You Tube is a joke and doesn’t even comply with their own T.O.S., MUCH LESS THE COPYRIGHT AND LIBEL LAWS of the country they are based it….here. Plenty of content creators are setting up on other platforms right now because of their whimsical and targeted actions. You Tube is way out of line, and violating the law on a regular basis.

        • m99

          Okay Duke, sorry he’s going through this. However, if we all sat around and griped about what’s happened in our lives all we’d be doing is griping and bitching all the time. I was just looking for some additional insight into his research, but, I would never want to hurt him or his channels. He sounds like a sweetheart. Thanks for the info.

    • m99

      OMG. I remember this guy’s horrible encounter. I thought he was drunk so didn’t listen to much of it back then. It may have been one of the youtubes I heard before SC.* Continuing to listen…

      *(I was simply blown away when I found SC because the content I’d heard previously was filled with every kind of insult, Mochismo, and some nonsense, along with people fighting among themselves. We found Wes & Woody & started from the beginning. My heart literally sank in my chest when we ran into the mess & found the guys attacked that way. There’s no way I’d listen to that traitor at all. But I know if Wes posts it here, it’s legit, he vets everything walking carefully, bless his heart).

  2. Duke S

    Jerry is a kind and nice guy, who would not attack anyone else, until they attack him first. Then…LOOK OUT! lol. As long as he mentioned MeWe, i should also mention my support group, WORLD BIGFOOT CENTRAL, is also over there, along with the Crypto Crew, RMSO, Glaggland and many other groups for Bigfoot people. MeWe has no facial recognition software, no adds, no censorship, and best of all, NO MARK ZUCKERBERG. lol. Thanks for the post, Wes, this is one of his better kitchen chats.

  3. Curtis R

    Hey Wes, be kind to the guy, he is just another guy who had a sighting, got curious and tried to learn more, just like most of your guests. Sounds like he had on hella scary encounter.

  4. pam purple rose

    Websters definition of research
    1: careful or diligent search. 2 : studious inquiry or examination especially : investigation or experimentation aimed at the discovery and interpretation of facts, revision of accepted theories or laws in the light of new facts, or practical application of such new or revised theories or laws.

  5. hickory67

    I’ve seen this guy dogpile others on YT with no provocation – specifically Crypto PTSD, if memory serves – so I don’t buy that he’s a saint and it’s everyone else. He’s as backbiting as any and, as with so many others, I’ve been happy to ignore his channel.

    • Duke S

      I think you are incorrect, he has no beef with Crypto that I am aware of, (a show that has been out of production for over 6 months, and probably is done, by the way.) I am friends with Dustin at Crypto PTSD. Jerry has had fights with Woodbooger farms, all provoked by woodbooger farms. THE GUY WHO RUNS M.k. Davis attack pieces on Bob Gimlin on his channel, that would be Woodbooger farms.

  6. m99

    @maria ~ I know right. I think this was a bit tongue in cheek humor while searching for a researcher, if you get my drift.

    • Wes Germer

      Yeah people think Im trolling Jerry..Im really not, the video is meant to be funny and entertaining. That is how I took it. Total tongue and cheek humor M99…lol I loved it. The title of the video is hardcore research..hilarious.

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