Jun 21

Listen: Sounds From The Bennett Expedition

This is the full audio from the Bennett Expedition that Randy spoke about. The chatter I played on the show is about 9min in. Randy writes “This years Bennett Expedition was a huge success. Here are some of the unknown audio clips that were captured using the new parabolic and a dropbox. For only 40 hours of audio, the amount caught is one of the highest I have ever had at any location. We will definitely will be back.”

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  1. Tyler D

    I actually thought that the Sierra sounds are the best sasquatch audio there is. N the clip that Wes played yesterday of the sierra sounds where he said that’s what he thought their language more or less is. But the clip he played was actually the clip that Ron Morehead said he believed was actually a male and female fighting and grunting over food. I think that clip was more of a physical display or a showing of dominance and grunting as they did so. I think their language is a bit more complex like Ron Morehead’s samurai chatter audio clip. And I don’t know if you guys remember this, in one of the earlier episodes called Yowie encounter with a guy named Jamie from Australia. But he said in his first encounter before he actually had a visual of the creature he heard some chatter in a ravine or something. N he believed it to be fairly similar and very rapid like the samurai chatter

  2. Christopher c

    My mind is telling me not to take this one seriously, in the beginning audio it sounds like my son when he was 5yrs. old walking through the woods,nothing compared to the massive footfalls that we here in the PNW, and @ 2:07 a coyote,and @ 8:07 you hear massive timber breaking but no video to go with it just a family eating dinner,I am skeptical of this one since nothing reminds me of a Squatch that couldn’t be a coyote or a person breaking branches with a tape recorder in their pocket, I need a little more to work with in order to buy this one.

  3. Teresa V

    Christopher C., I know Randy, and he’s a very honest person that takes his research very seriously. If he posts his audio evidence, it’s authentic. He would never, not in a million years, try to hoax anyone.

    • Christopher c

      My apologies Teresa V. I listened again and I think I hear a squatch or something squatchlike at min:4:51 ,I was just skeptical of the first bit where it sounds like a child moving through the forest at what seemed only 10 feet away from the recording device,when you hear audio that close you just expect footage unless it was recorded at night.

  4. Papa - Yeti

    Wes, check this out – From Epoch Times 35 Countries 21 Languages, and Growing, – Titled Wildman, China’s version of Bigfoot: Sightings, Scientific Tests, and Theories.

    I found some very interesting facts which I barrowed “from a link off of Phantoms & Monsters (with all respect to Lon) and came to this page: Sightings: Yeren Can Laugh and He Can Cry From New York Times Time Article Published in 1984, titled “On the Trail of the Wild Man of China.”◄

    ►In 1980, a hunter named BuXiaoqiu in Rongshui County of Guizhou Provence purportedly caught a small Yeren, ►but he let it go when he saw its eyes fill with tears.◄

    ►►►Tears are unique to Humans – other primates do not tear up like this.◄► [My interjection is this: If true to say only humans cry Tears. I know this is not the same as what real tears are – Lacrima Mortis also known as ‘The Tears of Death’ which are the fluids similar to tears which sometimes seep from the tear -ducts of Corpses? ◄►So do primates cry the tears of death like do humans? ◄if they do not cry living emotionally based tears?

    The Yeren has also been said to laugh, though this is not a uniquely human trait, as other primates can laugh. In September 1979, a cow herder in Fangxian County said he encountered a Yeren that took his wrist and maintained its grip for half an hour. As the Yeren grasped him, it laughed. In 1978, hunters in Rongjiang County were sitting around a campfire when a Yeren purportedly joined then – and it even added wood to the fire! The hunters were frightened and pretended to ignore its presence among them.


    These sound are recorded digitally I would say, I would like to hear this after the white noise is taken out. The sound in the leaves does sound bipedal to me.. and the dumpster lid!!Wow! There definitely are a lot of coyote sounds on there….But some sounds are not..
    Great job!!

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