Jun 21

Listen: Grunt Comparison

This is the Grunt Comparison audio that we discussed on the show. Randy writes “Here is some audio of what appears to be the same type of critter grunting last year and again this year. With everything that has happened in the area and the available evidence I suspect it is a Sasquatch. This is one same one I compared the gorilla grunting to. You decide. It was recorded in the same area in the same way by leaving a recorder on the truck as we go for a day hike.”

4 Responses to “Listen: Grunt Comparison”

  1. Christopher c

    Than again it could be my father in law blowing his nose LOL!,you can hear that like 7 houses away but he is 6’5 and weighs 380,I do hear what sounds like a wood pecker at parts of the recording.

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