Dec 6

Life After Seeing Bigfoot: Billy Humphrey Interview

WV Cryptids And Strange Encounters writes “I visit my friend Billy Humphrey and talk to him about how things have been since his Bigfoot sighting a year and a half ago.”

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  1. Ron S

    He’s pretty on point with most of what he says, especially about the daily need to find more info on the creature after seeing one. The B.C. Sasquatch video he refers to where it steps in a hole, well…I used to think that had credibility until I spent many hours doing screenshots of frames and using my own techniques, stabilized, zoomed and used color altering and sharpening to decipher as much detail as I could from each frame. You’d be surprised how easy it is stepping in a hole like that when it has sloping loose dirt on the sides. I have enough evidence that shows it’s a forest worker with a possible brush cutter, a definite helmet and face shield on his head, at first he is getting dive-bombed by a bird and appears to swing the brush cutter wildly, it’s actually pretty funny…he knows he’s being filmed and does a big shoulder shrug or something for the camera with a sarcastic “what did you get me into?” gesture…he retreats to the hole, he emerges from the hole and can then be seen operating a chainsaw (I use to even know what kind as I scoured the web for a match to my enhanced image) it has a loop style bar on it, the cut log next to him was also visible…that video looked interesting to me at first also so don’t feel bad, it took a long time to debunk, sorry to disappoint.
    I’m really not sure if there is undeniable video proof, but a few clips are as follows that I find interesting and have yet to explain.
    One was sent to HTH, it was something a couple young guys recorded far off in a river bed, it’s appears to be on its belly in the water fishing and putting its head under water, it realizes it’s been seen and attempts to contort its body and hide behind some rocks and then stands to walk away, at one point for just a few frames it seems to be getting encapsulated by what resembles a giant drop of water and then morphs doing something like a spider crawl where you can’t make heads or tails of it…anyway I’m still tweaking the images to get better detail so nothing conclusive yet.
    The other one I like is the Russian Yeti that jumps over a log in front of two youngsters while their dog pays no attention whatsoever…now that thing is athletic and fast with a side-stepping run and super long arms out to its side, ( I’d challenge anyone to recreate that run).
    The s’mores Bigfoot is also impressive, it moves like a ninja with a crazy all-in-one spin move as it disappears behind a tree.
    The one that chases the screaming family in the car coming through a field has really interesting detail with some photo tricks applied to it, (Dolly Parton has nothing on that one) 😂…some interesting flying light is also seen in that same clip shooting towards the car and possibly 2 different creatures total…and the face on the one with the gigantwan boobles looks like a Norse man-god…it’s pretty wild.
    Anyway, all this time I put into deciphering images is to satisfy my own curiosity as I’m trying to find explanations for my own encounters. I’m no expert in clearing up images, I just have an eye for detail, an open mind and a lot of persistence. I will say one thing, even seemingly crappy or blurry digital images can hold a lot of information, more than you’d think, I’m sure there must be a program somewhere that we aren’t being allowed to use…so all you computer camera crypto/nerds out there, get to work and solve this issue for the people please. Take care everyone:)

  2. Ron S

    You guys really need to retake a photo in the exact same location and height as the original, along with someone standing in the same location as the subject for size comparison. You definitely caught a picture of something with a low sloping forehead…I managed to get more details from the screen shot but where you put the arrow and marked blonde hair actually pointed to the highlight on the nose and the overlay also covered one of the eyes…the right eye that was visible however on the subject does indeed have a light colored area under it…the subjects head is cocked at about the 1-o’clock position and quartering to the camera. It appears to have a very receded hairline except for the top center that almost looks somewhat like a ridge of hair or something unusual where you would normally see a Mohawk on a human. The general shape of the head is similar to the artwork of the white Sasquatch seen in the background to the right of your calendar as you’re sitting at the table.
    The one thing odd but not uncommon about enhancing stills from your picture of the subject as well as a few of other peoples unusual images is oftentimes seeing very scary and multiple smaller images that make up the body of the subject…it’s like combining a persons fears or nightmares in a collage that make up the body of the subject as you adjust different aspects of light…this is some sort of paradolia, I’m just not sure if it’s caused intentionally or not. I do have a thought that it probably isn’t out of the question for something to be able to purposely alter spectrums of light and how our mind takes in information visually without us really making out an object or know why we can be suddenly overcome with fear or not in odd circumstances…I hope that makes sense

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