Dec 6

Sightings: Bigfoot In Ohio

The Sasquatch Archives writes “The TV show Sightings aired for five seasons from 1992 until 1997. Their 62nd episode aired on Sept 10, 1995 and featured a segment titled “Bigfoot in Ohio.”

The 80th episode aired on March 17, 1996 and was titled “Update–Bigfoot.” The 80th episode has already been featured on this channel, but this copy is cleaner and the audio is in stereo.”

4 Responses to “Sightings: Bigfoot In Ohio”

  1. Melissa K

    Thank you, Wes! So, cool. I love Ohio stuff Lisbon and Akron are about an hour from me, though one is south and the other west.
    Matt was sooo young in this video! ❤️😎

  2. Charles R

    I left a comment on this briefly dealing with SW OH where I live and mentioned the Sycamore State Park (Dayton,OH area) dumpster diving Bigfoot of the two fishing fellows who Wes interviewed some months ago.

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