Dec 6

Dark Waters: Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization

Charlie Raymond holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Florida. He founded the Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization in 1997 to document all credible Bigfoot encounters in Kentucky.

For over three decades he has interviewed countless witnesses, conducted investigations and held expeditions in the hopes of one day proving their existence. He believes Bigfoot to be a “flesh and blood” unidentified hominin, very closely related to humans. One day he hopes to establish laws in Kentucky to protect these magnificent creatures. Charlie is also a BFRO Investigator for Kentucky.

4 Responses to “Dark Waters: Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization”

  1. theresa m

    This was so interesting. The faces near and on the tree. It’s true. I see faces on the patterns of my wooden floors. LOL!
    Mr Waters – remember the young man in his mother’s apartment doing his laundry and he opened the back door and that creature ran past him near the clothesline? That was amazing!

  2. Charles R

    Kentucky may have the most encounters per capita of any state east of the Mississippi. I met Charlie Raymond several years ago – just a great guy as was his fellow researchers.

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