Nov 7

Mountain Beast Mysteries: Caught on Camera

Mountain Beast Mysteries writes “Mysterious Creature Caught on Camera | Never-Before-Seen Bigfoot Footage | Mountain Beast Mysteries 71”

15 Responses to “Mountain Beast Mysteries: Caught on Camera”

  1. Dan H

    This looks like a black bear to me. I’ve seen black bear stand up like that. Now if it walked off after standing up like that then I would think different, But I am almost 100% sure this is black bear….Great vid though

  2. Ulrike H

    At first glance I would swear it’s a bear but now that I’ve watched the video a few more times I see a possible Sasquatch. It is a very compelling tape.

  3. william g

    Looks to me like a huge Sasquatch and he’s picking something up at the end of the clip but these clips always are only a few seconds long and out of focus,todays video cameras are this unreliable?

  4. Dave W.

    I see 2 black bears, one behind the other. When the one in front stands up, you can see the one in back. I have to say that I see a bear, not Sasquatch. I would LOVE to say it’s a sasquatch, but I cant. It’s a bear. Awesome footage, just the same. Yall have a great day!!!

    • Dan H

      Dave W. Nice catch!!! I had to go back and look and i think I saw what you were talking about. the person talking on the video is saying they looked at footage of black bears and this is not a black bear. I did a search of black bears standing up and I saw the same thing above.

  5. Brenda G

    What does this say about me…..I’ve seen enough wildlife shows that it looks to me like two bears mating???

    And, by the way, Happy Birthday Jarvis T 🙂

  6. Karen C

    My opinion is a female bigfoot, giving birth to a baby, don’t laugh, you can see a second figure but being it looks maybe to large to be just born it could be a small one with her…

  7. Jan F

    It is two deferent videos.
    The first it stands up but its head is not Line up whit the maountain.
    And the 2nd. The heard is higher than the mauntains. Right?

  8. Asheim

    I could not say for sure if it is black bear or Sasquatch. If only we could get a non shaky closer image. It’s gotta happen some day.

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