Jun 8

Kentuckian Spots a ‘Grey Bigfoot’

This story comes from Cryptozoology News.

BOYD COUNTY, Ky. — A man says he saw a Bigfoot creature chasing a pack of dogs in the woods of Eastern Kentucky.

69-year-old Wade Young says “I was on the little road behind my mobile home, just after daylight,” he said about the 2007 encounter. “I looked up the road and saw my neighbors’ dogs coming down the road. They stopped and turned around, looking back up the road where they came from, started barking.”

Young says that at first he thought it was probably deers that originated the ruckus. But, instead, he reportedly saw something else coming out of the woods.

“A grey Bigfoot on two legs, it was about a football field and a half away.”

bigfoot picThe animal, says Young, was about 7 feet tall and was able to walk very fast across the field adjacent to the road, right before disappearing into the woods on the other side.

“The grey hair looked to be about 3 inches long. It walked bent forwards slightly, and i don,t believe it had a pointed head, it was more human looking than monkey.”

One thing Young says he noticed was that the dogs were not barking much as though they were “used to the animal”.

Young, who claims he has been living at that location since 1994, suspects that it’s not the first time the alleged creatures visit the area and that, maybe, he has something to do with it.

“I have always thrown my food scraps up in the woods for the stray cats,” he explains. “In 1997, something hit the back of my home really hard, about noon one day.”

He is also linking unidentified grunting and thrown rocks to the cryptid.

“A grunting started up in the woods where I always feed the animals. I could see the outline of him in the dark. i just said ‘I don’t have any food’. I said that with out thinking… I walked slow back in the house. The other day, I was walking down to my mail box and heard a limb break up in the woods, and coming back, a rock hit in the road about 10 ft behind me.”

Young says that he has never felt threatened by the unproven creatures but that he opts to be cautious just in case.

And, as it’s usually the case with similar reported encounters, he kept the sighting to himself for a while.

“I couldn’t believe what I saw. I didn’t even tell my wife for a couple of weeks. I will not lie to you. Even my neighbor next door doesn’t seem to believe me said something hit the back of his mobile home real hard, and that was before i told him about the Bigfoot,” said Young.

An unusual number of Bigfoot sightings have emanated out of the Bluegrass State for the past few years.

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  1. Tristene M

    A football field and a half and you can tell it had 3 in long hair…… Something is hitting your home and chucking rocks your way…. Hit my house and throw rocks at me and them are fighting actions. This story I don’t believe. Just my opinion.

  2. scott o

    Maybe the story of the 450 feet distance and the occurance of the viewing of hair length were not of the same instance. Lightening up wouldn’t hurt. Nothing like trolling your way through all the stories and discouraging folks from paticipating.

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