Jul 10

It was taller than my truck

A listener writes “I live in Michigan and I have 3 encounters one when I was 12 and it was 15 of us heard it for about 15 mins and one of us it was only 10 yards away from.

The 2nd was on the Same property and I was 17 bow hunting and I seen glimpses of one and what I now believe by listenong to your show, it was communicating with another which I heard walking in thicker brush behind me the one I seen was 30 yards away in thick brush at the edge of a cat tail swamp and the bottom of a ridge. And the 3rd was when I was 22 and I was driving home from work and I-75 around grayling Mi at 11pm. It was crouched down along the side of the rd and I remember thinking as my lights hit it that if was a heard of deer. And I slowed down thinking they might run out in front of me and then it stood up and I remember my lights hitting his eyes and having green eye shine. Long almost light brown hair. And it was taller than my truck.

I was now doing about 25 miles and hour and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I ended up snapping out of it and punching it when it started towards the truck it made it 2 bigs steps and i had swerved across the lanes onto the right shoulder which was covered in snow I could see in my rear view and the moon light it standing in the middle of the road. It looked almost as if it was coming after the truck but i couldn’t really tell because I was speeding away. I can give more details on all accounts the first two I can go into way more detail. Thanks man love the show.”

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  1. Gumshoguy

    Hello Wes, please ask the listener for the year and months (or time of the year) and counties these ecounters allegedly occurred in.

  2. Kristina Easterday

    I live in luzerne, 16 miles east of that encounter. Grew up closer to mackinac bridge, I’m a native of northern michigan. It’s crazy up here in the north woods. Story sounds like others I’ve heard from up here. Love your show Wes. You do a great job, thank you!
    Northern Michigander here

  3. Charles R

    I hope to hear this chap. I was on our annual 4th of July vacation last week in Northern Michigan in Iosco County which is in the Huron National Forest. My brother in Law ( who is not a believer, but is coming around ) showed me his phone in which there would be Bigfoot presentation last Friday night at the Lumberman’s Monument. I got my wife and son to go with me at this great setting above the AuSable River. The presenter was Phil Shaw who I have met a couple times before. It was more for the novice folks that just wanted basic information. I was surprised by a turn out of 150 or more people, but only a handful of us had actually seen one or had an encounter. Phil researches this area, it seems mostly the Rifle River and some around the Au Sable. He stated it is quite easy to get responses, mostly stone throwing at night, and had some really good pictures of structures he has found.

  4. Daniel E

    You humans think it is funny slowing down and letting us squatches think you’re gonna give us a ride, then you just speed off and leave us stranded out in the cold in the middle of nowhere. Man it’s scary out here with these stinking dog men all over the place. Next time stop and let us get a ride, that’s all we want.

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