Jul 11

North American Dogman Project

NADP writes “We finally got this informative podcast out regarding the terrifying cryptid known as “DOGMAN”. It was not live. It was recorded on June 29th.

The point of this is to share what we know so far about this horrifying cryptid. We want you to know who we are and what we’re all about. We’re just two Army Vets who decided to put a website together and organize researchers across North America. This has pretty much gone viral with 330 researchers all over the planet and growing each day. We’re excited and delighted to network and share our findings.”

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  1. Mauri G

    I wish these guys all the luck in the world,they seem like honest down to earth men.I have checked out there site before it has some great evidence on it.I wonder if they saw a new show on animal planet called Extinct or Alive, because on the episode called Florida Black Wolf they used a drone with flir to check out a area in the Everglades where they captured what appeared to be a large black wolf stalking a deer herd!! That was crazy to see??

  2. m99

    Once again, you seem to be attracting the best people in the field of all things Bigfoot and otherwise. Great job Wes, and I’m sure these guys would be good buddies to have. Before SQ I had no idea the Dogman really existed. Thanks again.

  3. Danny G

    I’ve joined the NADP as a researcher- and I just moved to Toronto Canada. I hope to get some great things to report to my SC family!

    • Steven B

      Hi Danny

      I used to live just north of “the big smoke” in Barrie. I’ve since moved to Texas.

      Anyway, I’ve been a listener of Dogman Encounters Radio almost since the first episode and I have missed listening to none of them. Vic has had guests that have had encounters in Owen Sound and Hamilton/Niagara Escarpment areas. I believe one guest even mentioned an encounter in an apple orchard in the Barrie area. I know I’ve also listened to encounters that have taken place in northern Ontario as well as to the east.

      Give a listen to Dogman Encounters radio episodes 14, 48, 94, and 152 at https://www.youtube.com/user/DogmanEncounters/videos

  4. Augustine L

    If it’s an umbrella organization of researchers, get Vic to join by prominently featuring links to his pages.. Get his endorsement and give him yours. Have a page that is a list of his shows with links thereto. He deserves the credit, after all, being one of the first. Ditto Linda Godfrey.

  5. m99

    Have to say, my all time favorite Dogman Encounter told is the one where the girl was house sitting at her dad’s, I think in Germany. The Dogman followed her back from a walk. It stood outside on the deck staring at her. It even took it’s long forefinger fingernail and went down the glass pane with it as he smirked at her. She was staring horrified from inside kitchen. I should have saved it. I’ve heard her on Vic’s show too, but couldn’t locate it on SC when Wes interviewed her. Any clues anyone?

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