Jun 6

It Was Starting At Me

A listener writes “It was in deer season in 2016 in Huntington Pennsylvania. The woods where extremely dead that day so I decided to get up and walk around see if I could kick up anything.

I had clawed threw some heavy brush into a small opening. That’s when it happened as soon as I stood up all the hair on my body stood straight up and a smelled a extremely pungent musky smell. That’s when I saw it there it was just up on the small hill. There it sat behind a downed tree, just starting at me. I just stood there frozen for what seem like an forever when I heard some thing behind me.

When the one on the hill growled and hooped and the other one left. And that one by the downed tree finally stood up and walked away. I stood there for awhile and regained my composure I always enjoyed the thought of big foot but never actually thought I would have a run in with them.”

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  1. Whizbang

    Wow did ya clean your shorts afterward. That had to be frightening, glad these things aren’t cold blooded killers, and just want to stay away from us, for all our sake.

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