Jun 6

Tonight’s Show: “Are you talking about the monkey-dog?”

I will have the show up in the next 30 minutes. Please be patient with me tonight. I have been under the weather since yesterday morning. I was 50/50 on taking the night off.

Tonight we will be speaking to Dan. Dan comes to us from CA. Dan and his girlfriend had a recent encounter in Utah with a large creature that entered their campsite. I will also be speaking to Ben. Ben comes to us from MI. Ben and his younger brother had two encounters when they were kids. It affected Ben’s brother so much he was terrified of Monkeys growing up and calls what he saw a monkey-dog.

11 Responses to “Tonight’s Show: “Are you talking about the monkey-dog?””

  1. NHSquatcher

    Wes your health is more important than anything else believe me I speak from experience when I say that pushing it will do you no good for the future anyway I hope it’s nothing serious.

  2. Trent M

    I hate hearing you are feeling bad and hope you get better soon! And you know the members will understand if you don’t feel good as you never take time off! Thanks Wes!

  3. Rick P

    Sometimes you just have to take care of yourself. We’re all excited for the show but understand if you need to take the night off. Feel better soon Wes.

  4. Connie O

    Hello Wes, If you don’t have your health, nothing else really matters about what else you are supposed to do. You never have to apologize or feel you can’t take the day off when you are sick. You need rest like everyone else when you are not feeling good. I hope you feel better soon and I will pray that you have a speedy recovery. Take care of yourself!

  5. Lisa G

    Hey Wes! Thanks for all you do! You are appreciated! Take care of yourself and if you ever need to take time off we will all understand. I hope you get well very soon.

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