Aug 13

It Huffed At Me Then Ran Off

I live in a very rural county in Kentucky. One night, after hours of playing poker, I was leaving a friend’s home at about 2 or 3 in the am.

As I stepped off his porch I heard a noise next to the tree line in front of my jeep. The distance between the porch and the tree line is about 15 yds with his driveway the only thing in between. Looking toward the sound I expected to see a deer or coon or something like that which is nothing strange in the area. What I saw was something crouched down like a baseball catcher. When my eyes landed on it , it stood. Couldn’t see facial details due to the moon backlighting everything from behind the tree line but it was around 7ft tall. It had very broad shoulders, a narrower waist and had arms reaching down to the knees.

It felt like it lasted forever, us looking at each other, but probably only lasted 7 – 10 seconds. It then huffed at me then ran off into the trees. I think I surprised it by noticing it and the huff was it saying “dont follow me a$$hole.”

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  1. Renee S

    What I wonder is if the guy surprised the creature, so it hunkered down? Then it realized it had been busted, so stood up. Or, was it already there watching the house?

  2. Sharity M

    I live in KY, about 45mins from Brenton Sawin actually, and I’m curious to know what county this is?? We’ve had a few sightings in Mason Co. where I live. One was in 2006, on the road I live on, less than a half mile from my house. There was another one in the same general area, back in the 80’s, about 5 miles or so away from my house. I’m surrounded by farms, creeks, and fields, but not any thick woods. The only trees are just along the creek line, but the further out in the country you go, I suppose there’s more trees but I’ve never checked it out. He or she would’ve had to have crossed quite a bit of fields to get near my house.

      • Sharity M

        If you go to, they have sightings listed by county. They’ve got 2 for Fleming Co. and there are sightings in the Mayslick area, as well. Considering the range that a Bigfoot is estimated to travel daily, just in it’s “home” area, Mayslick and Fleming Co. are just a hop and a skip for one.

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