Aug 13

The Night Marchers of Hawaii

We are IF writes “Time for a paranormal profile, these apparitions stalk the night on the beautiful islands of Hawaii.
Hawaii is home to many wonderful tales and some truly terrifying legends.

So let’s dive into this supernatural story and take a look at “The Legend of the Night Marchers” The telling of spooky paranormal tales is a form of entertainment that is shared across the world often it’s an important cultural link, this is no different in Hawaii.

The same old places are talked about with spirits poltergeist and other ghostly visions being seen in old buildings, deep valleys, sacred burial sites, ancient temple sites and deep in the forests. The beaches and lava fields of Hawaii are locations which are somewhat unique to that part of the world and they are no different to the other places mentioned with a rich history of mythology and folklore and numerous sacred sites, Hawaii’s link to its past is ever-present.

Many Hawaiian residents talk of the spooky encounters that they have had at some point during their lives. These paranormal witnesses often report seeing the ‘Night Marchers’ we are looking at here they, however, know them as the Hukai’po.”



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