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Sasquatch Attacks Man

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Sunday, October 22, 1978

A Washington man has been brutally attacked by a smelly 8-foot tall creature resembling the feared Bigfoot monster.

A bruised and shaken, but otherwise uninjured Albert Permella, told police the vicious attack took place while he was fishing in a lonely Yakima, Wash. creek.

“I was sitting on the shore when I heard the brush and grass crackle behind me,” he recalls. “I thought it was another fisherman and turned around to greet him.”

“Instead I saw a gigantic, hideous looking creature standing a few yards away. It had a face similar to an ape with dark black hair on its chest, but not its face. It had kind of a flat face and nose and eyes sunk in its sockets.”

“As I started to run, the creature suddenly let out a blood-curdling screech and began to violently shake a sapling it was hanging onto with one hand.”

“I could hear him running behind me and suddenly I felt it grab my shirt,” he trembles. “The beast held on so tight, part of my shirt was ripped off and I fell down scraping both of my knees and ripping my boots.”

“Almost as soon as I hit the ground, I got up and started running for my life. After a few minutes I started to get farther away from it, but even as I reached my car I could see the creature in the distance.”

Sasquatch Attacks


Richard Knoll

17 Responses to “Sasquatch Attacks Man”

  1. JAMES B

    The truth needs to happen for all soon….
    Someone of some fame will be attacked onday and all hell will break loose in the media. Then the truth of government knowledge and involvement will ome out,…. and only derision will result, and accusations, then over reaction….
    People need to know whats out there, and what possible danger we all run in the woods!!!

  2. Dave T

    That squatch did virtually nothing to the guy but chase him away. If it wanted him it could have had him easily. Nothing brutal about this encounter. The guy got hurt falling down and no he didn’t outrun it, it let him get away. The messin with Sasquatch commercials are more brutal than this encounter. He’s lucky he’s not in 411. If these things have their mind made up that they want you, your done. The only thing that might stop them is a very big gun and if you have time to use it.

  3. Tyler D

    I love these older accounts, it seems to me that people were much more honest when it comes to encounters back in those days. What would he have to benefit from by telling people this, you know? That’s one of those encounters where you can’t say what you would do until you’re in that situation. From the sound of it the sasquatch was trying to scare him out of the area when he was shaking the trees. It’s a possibility there might’ve been young around. But once this poor guy started to take off the sasquatch decided to step it up a notch by chasing him down and roughing him up a bit most likely to make sure that he didn’t come back to that area. If that sasquatch really wanted to hurt him it definitely had the chance too. He probably shouldn’t have started to run but I can’t say I blame the poor guy. But I bet you that guy more than likely never returned to that area again

  4. Knobby

    It sounds like the sasquatch was playing with the guy. They sometimes do things to get reactions. If it really wanted to harm him it could have easily. His injuries were from falling down.

  5. Kay S

    This guy is so lucky that he’s not a statistic in the 411 books. I know running often sets off the hunt mode is most animals, but in this case I don’t think standing there was an option either.

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