Jan 10


APP UPDATE: Hey guys! I want to apologize for the continued app issues. Unfortunately the problems we are running into were not brought to light during beta testing, and were only made apparent under the stress of the volume of having the app go live. I have been working with the developer and they believe they have finally found a solution to the random, intermittent login issues some members are experiencing.

They should be pushing an update to the app sometime this week, and I’ll let you guys know when that is live.

I also didn’t not realize that each international App Store needed to be individually activated, so they are working on making that available to our international members shortly.

Thank you guys all for your continued support and patience while we work out all the bugs! 💕

15 Responses to “*APP UPDATE*”

  1. James H

    Unable to login to app. Is access available for subscribers, or is it a separate subscription for logging in to the app? I’m in Texas (East Texas…the hairy beast may be causing these issues since I’m so close to his stomping grounds).

  2. Kenny S

    It was working fine for me I did the update and now it immediately says login failed. So I deleted the app re-installed tried my login again. Still “login failed” so I reset my password like I have the past few times there were issues. Still says login failed. I can login in on the website just fine and listen to any shows. Any ideas how to fix? I’m about to go on a long road trip and would like to download some member episodes to prevent cell signal loss because they’re not available on the podcast for download

    • Kenny S

      Never mind I found a fix. I had to go into my account settings and update my info on the website and change my password “manually” versus the password reset email. Maybe this will help some. Hopefully the issue will be resolved soon by the app developers.

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