Jan 26

Issues with listening to shows


Another member recently posted this in the forum:

I started having problems playing some of the episodes from the default player provided. I would have to use the alternative (blogtalk) player.  But when the most recent episode wouldn’t play, the alternative provided this time, was a link.  I checked my netgear firewall, and found that the page (amazonaws.com) was blocked.  When I set the router to allow this website, it not only fixed the link, it also allowed the default player to work.

Also-Firefox browser tends to work much better with not only our site, but other’s that may have difficulty responding as well.

Let us know if any of this has been helpful…and thanks for the forum post, John.  We appreciate it.



4 Responses to “Issues with listening to shows”

  1. Keith M

    Any chance of allowing members to download the episodes directly from the site, rather than requiring a wait for things to be uploaded to iTunes? I like the chance to hear episodes off a connection, because of location and other reasons.

    Thanks. I hope you’re not getting tired of compliments, but you, the “brand,” your approach, your shows and your site are all the best there is in the field.

  2. Heather G

    I have all sorts of issues with the players here using Firefox but it works flawlessly with Chrome…. the opposite is true with blogtalk, Chrome is hopeless but works great with Firefox. Haven’t tried either with IE.

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