Jan 26

Show Notes tonight with Jon and Sara Brown


Tonight at 5pm PST, 8pm EST-I will be chatting with Jon and Sara Brown about all happenings on their property.  Audio, video, their own sightings, and future plans for research.  See you then!  Call in and chat with us!  646-716-8791.


32 Responses to “Show Notes tonight with Jon and Sara Brown”

  1. Joseph B

    Ok Shannon here is your shot. No soft ball questions. Let’s get to the meat of this place / property. Evidence, lets see some evidence on YouTube or this website. The audio to this point is over the top, but now it has to be backed up. Have they let real “researchers” on the property? If so, what did they find? These folks are getting some awesome air time and there is really not a whole lot there to back it up. Where are the close up thermals? How about video of tree snaps and 16inch prints that are on the same trail? I am getting the feeling we may be in the path of another “Bigfooter” that wants a book / movie deal. Lets not play into that hand.

  2. Joseph B

    8 minutes in and all ready this is BS. “I don’t know if the tree knock was for my husband” – unreal. So now Sara goes into guessing…..
    Now Sara can only see a “huge” object and hopes to see “it” for “real” sometime soon. You can now hear in her voice she is full of BS because she is studder stepping her explanation.
    OK, great use of recordings of apes using ape chest cupping.
    Now we are getting the “lack of perfection” with thermal imaging – duh!
    Moved onto April / May issue – Sara is now asking if “we” know if there is a known mating cycle??
    Just heard Sara’s favorite audio of a possible scream that that sounds to me like a coyote scream and I have been hunting them for 20yrs.
    Onto the the whoops, they sound fake, but not as bad as the next vocals. Sara tried to sell as some ancient dialect and Shannon bit her tongue and agreed.
    Shannon now makes allowances for Sara’s speculations regarding sounds.
    “Undulating Whoop” heard during the day now. Sara even gives a demonstration that does not even come close.
    Shannon at this point, I hoped you were going to bail on here BS. You guys must have a nice freebie getaway offered by them to allow her to get away with this shite.
    Jon is handed the phone…..
    Jon sets the scene of living on the “res”. He is not sure if his daytime sighting is a crouching or peeking BF, but he knew it had a big ass. Jon is extremely cryptic in his answers to Shannon’s rather easy questions.
    OK, I am out. we are now into Blackhawk helicopter landings with zero background info.
    Jon is now describing some chatter he said he heard and I can hear the disbelief in Shannon’s voice. She just wants it to be over soon. Does Jon have a disability? He seems to hesitate, asks for repeat of questions, and studders a lot.
    Shonnon is deff falling off now. She pressures him on the thermal data. She hits a wall, but gives cuddos to the data they have gathered to date. In my opinion, Jon was the nail in this interview coffin. Jon was not even able to give the exact measurments of prints he has taken off his own property. Trust me, if that was my property, I would know down to the 1/8inch the tracks I have recorded.
    At this point I felt sorry for Shannon. She was reaching deep to appease Jon so she could have another free vacation out on some possible Squatch’ land.
    Good job Shannon, but no need to sell some of your soul to people like this to gain access to property.

    • laura t

      Get off the page then, if your not here to boune ideas off each other , and share info on the subject, until since can take a real look at the subject , well then don’t let the door hit you in the ass…..sorry had to say it , will, Wes and Shannon ..

  3. Joseph B

    Caller was Bono, no not that one, this one is a regular caller that Shannon used to stretch out the show. Unknowing that the guy would end with a story of some animal ripping a women’s face off and having to have it sewn back on. Dam Bono, ain’t you got no better stories than that for us more pale folk???

  4. Justin L

    I also am having trouble finding a stream of this. blogspot isnt showing it now and stitcher hasnt updated. I know Wes is flooded with other things not even including his personal life, so i wont bother him about posting it to the site. Hehe. Great job guys! we appreciate what you ALL bring to the table. Keep it up!

  5. Nicholas R

    I get the live show link from Cryptomundo’s twitter feed. It would be nice if it was included in the blog post on this website. Something to consider moving forward.
    Although I feel everyone has a right to voice their opinion on this site, I do feel the previous comments in this thread are a little harsh. Show was OK tonight, I enjoyed listening to it.

  6. pam

    Joseph B
    Fantastic note taking. Too bad you didn’t enjoy the program, fervently disliked the guests or their practices and were overall unhappy with Shannon’s interview technique.
    I have never read a more negative toned critique and just wonder why one would even go to the trouble of writing so much on something I obviously felt was a waste of my time.
    You basically feel Jon and Sara are BS’ing everyone and Shannon is brown nosing them to get a free campout on their lawn.
    Then you add “Good job Shannon…” huh?
    Hey, why am I writing so much on something I feel is such a waste of my time? 🙂

  7. Renee B

    Loved it Shannon. Part of me would love to go to the Brown property and do an investigation but the sane part of me says are you nuts!? I cannot imagine how it would be to live with this everyday. I do worry that the status quo is changing. It seems that when the Browns left the BF alone it was better. I’m getting the sense that because the Browns are using drones and doing more investigations it has agitated the BF which resulted in the chair throwing. Sara said herself that when she went to get the drone she was nervous. I hope this doesn’t escalate into something dangerous for them.

  8. LostYooper

    Shannon, It is always great to hear from Sara and John Brown. I can tell from how you talk about your visit to the Brown property that it has impacted your desire to search for the truth. Another show well done and as always, professionally.

  9. Al G

    Shannon, listening to this show I have to admit that Sara Brown did not sound convincing. The sound of her voice; the inflections, confusion about the times and dates, the lack of preparation did not help her presentation.

    Now taking into consideration that that The Sasquatch Chronicle “Crew” had been there, allows me to cut her some slack. Some people are not cut out to be interviewed live, and unedited.

    Jon sounded more prepared and much more convincing.

    But the snoring caller was hilarious.

    But as I listened to the show after it was posted on this site, that is exactly what happened to me. Later in the evening, after my little nap, I was able to skip Sara, and listened to Jon and the rest of the show.

    Just an observation, and not complaining.

  10. Scott M

    I hate to say it because I love the show but I feel like I lost 1:40 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back. Sorry Shannon, I usually love your shows but this one, not so much.

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