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Castor Creek, Louisiana sighting


Vernon Parish, Louisiana
June 1986

Closest road US Hwy 171; nearest city is Leesville

Castor Creek area

It was approximately 2 AM Two of my cousins and me were asleep in our open-air tent alongside of Castor Creek. (Known to the locals as “Sam’s Old Bottom”) At 2 AM one of my cousins was awakened by the sound of something walking alongside our ten area. When he was awake enough to realize that he was looking at he screamed. My other cousin and I immediately awakened and saw an approx 6 to 6½ ft tall creature running around alongside our tent the wooded area on the other side of our tent. At no time did the creature make any moves toward us to cause us any harm. However, after it was on the other side of the tented area from where my cousin first saw it, the creature did stop for about 5 – 10 seconds and looked back at us and then turned around and went into the wooded area and out of our sight. At sunrise (approx. 5:45 AM) my cousins and I packed our tent and left the area on our way out. We did observe some broken tree limbs around our campsite that were not there when we set up our campsite the day before.

As best I could tell because it was pitch dark, the creature stood approx 6 feet tall or maybe taller. It has what seemed to be reddish-brown hair (short) all over its body. There seemed to be no neck at all. I would guess the animal would have probably weighed between 350 and 400 lbs easy. The thing that I’ll remember most is the smell. It was worse than what 100 rotten eggs would smell like.

Richard Sanders, Jerry and Paul Elliott.

Source: bigfootencounters.com

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  1. Norman Racca

    I like stories from Louisiana being this is the State I live in……….
    Before I believed in Sasquatch: I have been to many of the areas where Sasquatch have been sighted……I have walked around in these areas……and I had not one clue that a creature like this could be out there!
    Crazy to think about it now!

  2. Patrick G

    No! I’m serious! Something smells very rotten about “Sam’s Old Bottom”. Don’t go down in it, hard to tell what dangers lurk deep into that dark, smelly place.

    Seems to me, if you enter “Sam’s Old Bottom”, you are just asking for trouble. Glad these folks withdrew from the Bottom before something serious happened.

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