May 3

International Bigfoot Conference Update

Russell Acord writes “With a heavy heart I am going to CANCEL the 2020 International Bigfoot Conference scheduled for Labor Day Weekend (September 4-6, 2020) in Kennewick Washington. I am uncertain of the ‘crowd restrictions’ that will be imposed in our State of Washington during that time frame.

The COVID-19 restrictions are varied in each state and our Governor has pushed the state into four phases that will be; at a minimum, three weeks for each phase to get through. We are now waiting until May 31 to see where we are in phase one at the end of the month. If it takes longer or we come out the other end of this with restricted crowd size and we cannot have the event the way it’s intended…well, I am just not going to risk your money and time on a maybe!

I simply do not trust the future decisions that will be affecting us all. Additionally, I am currently getting a lot of requests for refunds as people are still without work, expected to stay at home and stay healthy and we are all looking at the bottom line in our finances. This is more than enough time to get hotels and flights squared away and cancelled due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

I will not be doing a ‘virtual conference’ because that is NOT what you paid for. The money you sent in was for the interaction and opportunity to meet our amazing guests and speakers, maybe even get a picture with them, and an autograph. The money sent in is yours, and I would never consider holding it until next year or keep it from you. I WILL BE SENDING REFUNDS to all who paid for tickets, tables and VIP dinners.

PLEASE read this carefully… It takes 7-10 business days for the IBC web page to process the refund, and then either PayPal or Stripe will take their steps to return the money to whatever institution that you used to pay (bank or credit card). This will take some time, so PLEASE… WAIT; and give it at least THREE WEEKS before hitting me with the emails. I will be methodically going through all the purchases and getting them handled ASAP. But I can only get through it at a pace that will not kill me.

I am truly sorry for the situation that we are all facing and hopefully we will see a normal life soon with crowds and handshakes without a mask on and distancing concerns. This was a very difficult decision to make and I hope you can all understand our dilemma and circumstances we find ourselves in.

Please be patient with the time needed to get the refunds done, once it is processed you should get a confirmation in the mail but understand that it will take time.

Please forward this post and make sure everyone is notified.”

8 Responses to “International Bigfoot Conference Update”

  1. Denise F

    What freaked me out by seeing this was ‘dear God don’t tell me Sept is still like this ?’.

    ….and don’t take bigfoot away for crying out loud, lol.

  2. Margie W

    I understand the Covid19 situation. My first Bigfoot conference and to Washington. Disappointed but understand. Hopefully I can go next time. Watched all episodes of Expedition Bigfoot and listen to Wes every night for years now. Russ looking forward to next time!

  3. Tracy R. B

    I checked on tickets to the conference, last week, and realized I had waited too long…
    Everything was SOLD OUT !
    I definitely WILL BE ATTENDING THE
    2021 International Bigfoot Conference.
    Thank you, for all that you do for fellow Sasquatcher’s. ?️?️

  4. Lethia B

    I think Russell is a stand up fella. He understands times are hard and money’s tight. Most organizations or venues would have held the money till next year. Making a decision this early definitely helps with airline and hotel refunds. Sorry no International, but thanks to Russell for his explanation and being proactive. ?‍??

  5. Renee S

    Russ, as you stated, I’m sure it was a difficult decision. We do understand & appreciate every little bit you do for such an amazing conference! Until next time! Thanks for the updates, Wes.

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