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Interesting encounters in N. Michigan

A listener writes “From approximately 1996-2006, I did annual late October camping, biking, kayaking along Pictured Rocks Lakeshore west of Munising, Mi.  On five of those trips, events happened that I dismissed at the time. But after finding postings about bigfoot in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan, I went back and thought about those events. All five took place at the state forest campground at S. Gemini Lake, the last weekend in October, a beautiful time to be alone in the woods. No one else was in the campground or close by as far as I could determine.

The first event happened in 1996. I was sleeping in my van when something woke me around 1:00 AM. Then there were three hard knocks on the back of the van, near the roof. I was afraid and tried to shout but hardly anything came out. I calmed down and convinced myself that I had been dreaming and went back to sleep. Quiet the rest of the night.

The next year, again alone, again the middle of the night, I awoke to hear bipedal footsteps.  The campground road is hard dirt and weeds so whatever made the sound seemed quite heavy. I told myself it was a bear and went back to sleep. Again quiet the rest of the night.

The next three events happened when I was with a friend. On two occasions, two separate years, we pulled into S. Gemini after dark, late, maybe 10:00 PM. Five minutes into setup we heard a chatter of noises, a kind of up and down whooping, lasting 5-10 seconds. Immediately, I thought barred owl.

The final incident happened again about 1:00 AM. My friend was sleeping in his van. I was in a tent. I awoke to a low growl, very close, between the van and my tent. I thought bear and shouted a feeble shout. The growl stopped.

I never checked for prints or any other signs because I rationalized each event. I’m sending this email now, wondering if other people had similar experiences in the S. Gemini Lake / Pictured Rocks areas. Don’t know if I had actual encounters but it might be interesting to compare notes.”

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  1. Charles R

    Could very well be. The Sceney Wildlife Refuge is about an hour away and is a noted Bigfoot area, for me I only catch Northern Pike there. Someone this yea, a photographer, from either the Detroit News or Detroit Free Press spent the entire month of October in this same Picture Rocks Area capturing the magic of it through pictures. Finding Bigfoot the UP expedition, had a witness in the program detailing a sighting in Munising of a Sasquatch out by US 28.

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