Jan 10

The vault of nightmares

I spoke to the host last night and he has agreed to come on the show.

He is a very interesting person, he has had several encounters. His grandfather would show him what to look for on their property to stay away from Sasquatch. As a young man his grandfather would talk about the creatures and how to avoid them. As he got older he would use the same techniques to go find them. One interesting note, you guys and gals remember Tracy? The guy who broke down on the side of the road and got out of the truck to pee and ran into a group of these creatures? That is very close to this gentleman’s property.

I was impressed talking to him last night and I have a feeling this upcoming show is going to be like no other that you have heard. He invited me to his show and I accepted. It is going to be a live stream and while the host is WAY more interesting than I am I really hope you enjoy the show.

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10 Responses to “The vault of nightmares”

  1. Jeffrey H

    I’ve listen to The Vault a few times. I think he had a DogMan experience more then once, if I’m right. Was on DogMan Encoupters with Vic. Good shows too. That good of WES to go on the show, it will sure be a good one. I hope to hear Wes s experience again.

  2. Ryan M

    he has only known about dogman following a sight about 14 months ago . I have been a sub of his for awhile I don’t think hes been on cundiffs podcast. as a matter of fact him and dark waters have a disagreement with cundiff listen to any off the live streams it becomes apparent. but he does have knowledge on bigfoot also has a hunting lease he took over he calls it property x he is not hunting the area he belives a troop of bigfoot are there.

    • Eva S

      Tracy’s encounter was the last encounter of Episode 75. It starts at one hour and 53 minutes (I think) or thereabouts. It aired live on January 25, 2015, an excellent and very scary encounter. It was a call-in show so those who shared their encounters are not named in the description but you can listen to it there. It is very worth your time.

  3. stephen P

    I listened to the show and Wes did us proud.lol. The guy interviewing him was nervous to begin with and Wes made him feel comfortable and by the end you could tell he was really enjoying listening to and interviewing our own ‘hive of knowledge’.

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