Jan 10

Bigfoot Coverup: Why?

Are there mountain lions in Pennsylvania? The state game commission says, no. However, there are countless number of people that claim they have seen them. From the outside it looks like there could be a cover up. Would they do the same with bigfoot?

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    • DrAaron

      Yup, it’s hard to ban assault riffles and other large caliber firearms when mountain lions and damn dirty apes are up in the trees. Wes has said before, not all government entities are idiots…

  1. brad b

    Government, especially big government, generally sees citizens as stupid people that can’t handle information or thinks we will do the worst possible things with information so they hide it. This is true in every facet and level of government. Pennsylvania isn’t unique with the dishonesty of it’s wildlife management authorities. The DNR in Indiana has been known to reintroduce species like coyotes and wolves here and then deny it despite their obvious presence here in the state after many years of absence. Governments want to control you and what you do so lying becomes second nature for them. If authorities are going to lie about cougars and coyotes you can guarantee they won’t admit the truth on Bigfoot until it becomes completely untenable for them to do so.

    I don’t necessarily agree with the guy in the video about the woods filling up with people specifically trying to poach (or is it murder?) Sasquatch if authorities ever admitted they exist. But there’s no doubt at least initially millions of people are going to flood into their local forest to try and see one. And for wildlife management that means trouble. More accidents — accidental shootings, inexperienced people getting lost, falling off mountains, etc. Not to mention people killing Bigfoots and Bigfoots killing people. For the people in charge keeping the existence of Sasquatch in doubt means a lot less headache. For no other reason than that they’ll be inclined to continue the cover up until they no longer can.

    And one last minor thing, people eating chimpanzees in Africa isn’t a new thing so I doubt if chimps have changed their behaviors recently to adapt to humans preying on them. If they have changed it’s been a process over a long period of time.

    I think the reaction of Bigfoot to greater human intrusion into their habitat would be to retreat into even more remote areas. Yes, some may choose to become more aggressive but I believe these creatures are smart enough to understand that we humans, as comparatively puny as we are, are an immense danger because of technology like firearms and sheer numbers. Their best strategy for survival is always going to be to avoid as much as possible.

    • Alexander F

      sigh … if the President of the USA cannot even cover up getting a blower in the Oval Office or a few fairly innocuous phone-taps, reallllly and sincerely doubt they can organize and mobilize the thousands of humans it would take–and the countless hours and constant vigil–required to actively cover up a very large example of extant megafauna. Just ain’t happenin’… If even ONE person involved in this cover-up ever had a weak moment or if one document ever got leaked–BOOM goes the dynamite.

      I would also assume places like WikiLeaks would have plenty of info on this subject. It does not.

      • stephen P

        Do you think they would ever really tell your President(s). I think you have Federal branches that have been allowed to function for decades probably like a ‘law unto themselves’, without anybody really questioning why they exist, or for what purpose.
        ‘Big government’ or whatever you’d call it’s opposite, probably is not the issue. I do though think that they do not trust the American people to handle the fact that this creature exists, wrongly in my opinion.

  2. Diana A

    The Gov dosent want to lose control of the habitat. They dont want it a protected area for endangered species. The gov would rather the animals go extinct so they can extract the next big item. Like “water” if you frack water and create emty ponds instead of a having a food source for the circle of life, the gov would have to consider not endangering the wildlife. The less wildlife the better for those who want to get rich from the available natural resources. If we do not get our act together “about our environment and/or lack of education about it together” Goodbye animals and trees with the incoming administration ….

  3. Nathan E

    He has a point, and there is something for the compulsive need of the government these days to keep us from doing things, for our own good of course! Now me, I agree the old fed who told David Paulides that it was all a lck of integrity.

  4. Alexander F

    Besides, the government of the United States (let’s be specific here) has nothing to gain by covering up bigfoot. Seriously, what does it gain? It would cost millions of dollars it does not have and benefit zero human beings and make zero dollars.

    • Duke S

      $60 billion a year in hunting and recreation revenue, that’s what they are protecting. Spending a paltry few million to get 60 Billion every year is nothing.

  5. Brian P

    Sasquatch rarley travel alone and they usually have centuries fto warn the others . if someone is stupid enough to shoot one they would.probuly injure it any way and the other sasquatch would have there way with the hunter.

  6. Rick T

    If the gov wanted us to know about bigfoots we would have the proof, obtained by them decades ago. Their reasons for covering it up are obviously numerous, known only to them & God, in all her black glory. But it is yet another extensive cover-up which exists in the USA, Canada and far beyond. As for obtaining proof, good luck with that. Shooting, obtaining or extracting a bigfoot body from his environment without equipment like a helicopters and an army of ppl will get you dead. You will wind up in DP’s next edition of 411. Attempting to bring one to the public would be the next problem would almost certainly get you on the missing persons list.

  7. Charles B

    The left would love for bigfoot to be real in order to stop fracking hunting, logging, development, etc. The reason is that it would show that humans did not evolve, we were created by God, or aliens etc. As for dnr and mountain lions, the state of Nebraska denied their existence until a sheriff’s deputy shot and wounded one , now in the Omaha zoo!

  8. Adam S

    I have proof they are covered up in the Great Smoky mtns in east Tennessee… I took a picture of one there. I sent it to Wes. If anyone else is curious lemme know – Adam

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