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Tonight’s Show: I Think Something Followed Me Home

A listener writes “I live in the Magic Valley of Southern Idaho. This is a desert area but in my city of 60,000 people there is the deepest gorge in America known as the Snake River Canyon. And the canyon breaks off into several smaller canyons that run through my town. Also just outside of Twin falls we have the largest lava cave system in the world. Also the 1st Documentary film of Missing 411 was filmed not to far from where I live. So a pretty interesting area to say the least. I am a pastor here at my church, our church has a private school as well and my wife is a teacher here. It is a very sought after school here in Idaho (one of the best). So maybe we can keep my name confidential.

Well I have a really good friend who is a federal investigator and we are both firm believers of these creatures. He has talked to me about portals and other stuff that he knows about being an federal investigator and all. Well we have heard of several accounts of people seeing these creatures in our canyon system. We decided to go down to the part of the canyon that is literally down the street from my house. We wanted to just explore the area and see if there were any signs of these creatures in the area.

Well something did happen that lead to a series of events that are still going on to this day. We weren’t planning on staying very long so we didn’t take flashlights. This was in November of 2018, we drove from my house to the canyon and walked down the trail. We went to an area that is off limits, he said he would take care of it if someone said anything hence his occupation. We hiked for about an hour and we did hear a large growl and it stopped us in our tracks and to us it sounded like a mountain lion. We backed up and we noticed about 10ft up at tree that the bark was just shredded like a grizzly bear or something just tore it up. But we don’t have grizzlies here in this part of Idaho.

Here in the canyon it gets dark very fast, faster than up on the surface. So before we knew it, it was dark. We had no flash lights just the moon light. My friend had a 41 caliber revolver on him. We started hearing twigs break and like movement around us. Whatever it was it sounded like multiple large animals.

As we were walking I was straight up terrified and was sure whatever was out there was going to grab me off the trail. All of a sudden I saw a huge black mass on the side of the trail ahead of us and then it ran across the trail on two legs and it was massive and blacker than the dark around it. I was praying that my eyes were playing tricks on me then my friend says it just crossed the trail in front of us. He confirmed what I thought I saw and I lost it. I tried to run but he assured me it will be worse if I ran. So we back tracked and high tailed it out of the canyon and it followed us the whole way making noises and stuff.

We drove to my house and we opened a bottle of whiskey and were trying to get ahold of ourselves. Well it doesn’t end there. Personally the scariest was still to come. About 1-2 weeks later tops, my wife told me in the morning that something was on our roof in the nighttime hours. she said she heard a loud thump right above our room above our bed. She heard it walking around up there and she was struck with fear she couldn’t move or anything. She said it walked for a bit and it went quiet and she fell back asleep. When she told me this I decided to go outside and look for tracks since it was snowing. Sure enough there were these prints on my roof but they were barely visible since the snow covered them but they were also on my neighbors roof and their neighbor as well like it traveled on our roof tops to the canyon. I have the pictures. So i called my friend and he came over, I said maybe it was that bigfoot we saw and it followed me home! He said he didn’t think it was a bigfoot but maybe a dogman or a type of bigfoot. I never heard of the term dogman, or any other types of bigfoot. so I started researching and freaked out when I heard all the stories about them traveling on roof tops. I always heard them called wolf man or werewolf when I lived in texas and my family lived in Michigan as well and talked about the wolf man. Well about another week or so after that I was awoken around 3-4 in the morning by a thump. I listened and didn’t hear anything else so I went and checked the doors and checked on my kids. I couldn’t figure out what woke me up but something did for sure and my little pup was acting strange. So I went out in the morning and there were more tracks on the roof again! This time there was no snow covering them and they went on our roofs towards the canyon again. I do have those pictures as well.

I think something followed me home and we have had several other weird things happen, my wife and two small kids seeing things that are alarming. Since then we bout an alarm system and weapons and of coarse earning as much as I can on Bigfoot and Dogman. There are several accounts of weird creatures being spotted here in my area. I have many more things to discuss that have happened recently and I would like to share my story with you and others. I didn’t know where to turn or who to tell, thank God I had my friend here to help. I never knew that these things could follow you home and harass you because thats what has been happening. I can’t say 100% it was a dogman or bigfoot or what is was. All I know is that strange and frightening things are happening.”

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  1. Charles R

    It would seem an adult bigfoot is much to heavy for a normal roof to support, maybe I am wrong. Perhaps it is the ghost of Evil Knievel still bummed out over that Snake River Canyon jump in 1974 in your Twin Falls area, when his parachute deployed upon launch instead of when he would have cleared the Canyon. Just kidding. High strangeness going on for you and hope you find some answers. Certainly look forward to the interview.

  2. William T

    Im sure he meant 40 cal, thats current duty carry weapon. Get a 12 gauge with a long bird barrel and ask your fren for Law enforcement buckshot. Longer barrel makes shot not disperse or spread out. Buckshot. Is like 5 9 mm balls of lead AT ONCE😜

  3. Pete M

    To the pastor, thanks for sharing. If you get a chance, check out Scott Carpenter’s videos, he believes that if you go looking for them, this opens the door for them to follow you home. This also includes orbs, shadow people, bigfoot, dogman, UFO’s, aliens, etc. he says that it happened to him and it’s all demonic. God bless you and May Jesus protect you and your family.

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