Sep 3

I Don’t Know What I Saw But I Regret Seeing It

A listener writes “It was the end of June 2019 just before the 4th. My buddy and I where out crow hunting like we did all summer last year. We where hidden in a make shift ground blind on top of steep hill over looking a field it just happened to the one day we each got one.

Around 3:40 pm I heard three tree knocks to my 9 o clock position I wanna say it was about 60 or so yards away down in the thicket at the bottom of the hill. We looked in the direction and at each other in confusion. Five minutes later we heard three more knocks on his side at bottom of the hill. Only issue is this time it was too close for comfort. Now it gets weird, after the knocks we heard three claps it sounded like it was moving and moving fast. Then it was dead silent no bugs no birds. Nothing. So we fired off warning shots, like hey we are armed stay away. The air got thicker than it already is in the humid Ohio summer. I looked at him and we decided to leave. But we didn’t walk out. We reloaded and backed out until we felt safe and we started to run.

Two weeks later we went back to the same spot. I decided to go solo and scout for birds. I put three three inch duck shells in my Mossberg 500 12 Gauge turkey gun. I was walking aimlessly through the brush you know minding my own. I got to the trail still walking aimlessly. I saw a half dollar size rock land millimeters in front of my foot. I looked up to my 1 o’clock position. I saw these two massive figures. One was 6-6.5 feet tall built like a NFL offensive linemen But wider and the other was about a foot taller with a slightly bigger build. I took my shotgun off safe but I didn’t dare raise it. I looked at them like what in the hell is that?

I walked on my head is on a swivel at this point I got about twenty feet further down the trail and got hit with this nasty smell and had this gut feeling to turn back. So I backed out slowly watching my surroundings. I got away from the trail and started to run. My buddy and I have this two shot your in trouble system. You can believe I fired off two shots and hurried up and put two more in. He came running we took off.

We haven’t been back to that spot Since last summer. I don’t know what I saw but I really regret stumbling upon whatever it was and seeing it.

I just really don’t like talking about it. It still messes me up.”

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  1. Lisa B

    I’ve been wondering about these knocks and claps. My gut is telling me that these aren’t actual tree knocks, but rather, the veil or perhaps a portal opening up. It could explain the change in the atmosphere and how everything is instantly different. Has anyone else considered this?

  2. m99

    These things are becoming bolder for some reason. We all know they’ve always been there. I used to think it was because of the burst of electronic communication now days. Of course that has something to do with it, but not all together. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to this account for sure. Thanks Wes.

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